Holdin' your friends and watching them bleed

Friday night was just another potluck at the Komusicle in which I discovered vanilla vodka hence the stupid face even though I didn't drink much at all; I think it was a mix of slight vodka plus dumbass glasses that resulted in the Vodka Face comin' out.
I didn't even bother taking photes of all the sweet dishes that were there; sushi and blackened jerk chicken and pasta salad and dips galore were among some of the goodness available.
Cold-shot Alex-Lee found in a linen closet that wasn't cold nor did I drink.
I'm not sure where it went, actually, I left it on a table and hoped someone took it.
Our host in all his glory.
Jamie! she's moving to BC today/tomorrow to study design etc and we all wish her best of luck, Ninjette will surely be missed.
Craig was rockin' not only the shutter shades but also the weird hairdo.
Yo Carole, I'm really happy for you, and I'm-a let you finish, but Morely had one of the best potlucks of ALL TIME.
We made those jokes a lot.
Oooooh Danthrax! It's been a while!
The oblig Donald Creeper Shot.
Yo deck peeps what's up.
Alex-Lee stop trying to be Tiesto already.
Oh and then Komus fell asleep... so we piled shit on him.
It's what we do.
Bet you wish we were your friends.