Invite the tabby two doors down

Threw up four times since yesterday and am finally starting to feel better; I had dreams about being lost in some sort of castle, maybe house, something to do with Disney and a play and dogs that would have eaten me.

Speaking of eating I made bean soup my mom made from scratch and gave to me to freeze when I moved out, there's I think spinach in it and of course beans and barley and it strikes me that I don't even recall eating barley outside of soup.

I downloaded some movies today and here's what they are:

- The Soloist
- Wall-E
- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
- The Man With the Screaming Brain

I'm also working on finding a good copy of Dead Man because it has Johnny Depp in it and apparently is "just like Fear and Loathing but a western" which is stretching it for me because I generally don't like westerns. But we'll give it a shot.

Shaz and I have been looking for the song from the Canadian House promo for the last little while now with no luck; it's not that "Grounds for Divorce" song because that's the US one and apparently it could be "Leave Me As You Find Me" by Fraiser Smith... but we can't find evidence that it exists anywhere.

Internet, I'm counting on you!

... On that note, if there were a Bat Signal for the Internet, what do you think it would look like?