She misplaced her virginity back in 1995

Saturday involved a lot of running around on my part and spending money on groceries and having lunch with my parents and wrapping gifts and getting ready all in prep for Kats birthday party/pre-party for Alt13 at Monty's.
It was a hectic day but I managed to squeeze in time to make some home-made sangria to bring with me.
Oh man, it was a hit let me tell you.
Apparently I can make some mean alcoholic drinks infused with lemons and oranges and raspberries and um I think there was white rum in there as well as the wine.
Yeah, I walked the 15 minute walk in my high heels carrying the jug just like that.
I'm hardcore, don't forget it.
Our birthday girl!
Tyrone ordered her a Shambala hat which I am insanely jealous of; they're wickedly warm and comfy and I could use one in the -40 temps that are only a few months away.
Hi Phoebe.
Those drinks... so good...
And then we were off to Monty's to hear Komus play and for Ty and Morely to to the lightshow/visuals and for some reason Woog dragged me into the mens' room to take this photo of a sign and I never did figure out what the joke was.
Jesus High-Fives!
Waiting for Lee to finish so he could go on... such a damned good set. Have you checked out Komus' stuff yet? You should.
This picture is only seeing the light of day due to the intense drunk-hug happening behind me.
Good evenings were had by all.

Class got canceled tonight which worked well because the new episode of House aired tonight and I needed to do some stuff like waterproof my boots, put together mildly inappropriate getups for work, have salmon and couscous and salad for dinner and what am I forgetting...

Oh yeah! VOTE FOR SASS!!

Did you cast your vote yet?