Oh Ratigan!

I had a really rough day today.

I wasn't getting the right information at the office and wound up over-complicating and having to re-do a spreadsheet over several times which was frustrating to say the very least; I'm not terrific with numbers to begin with.

I was really excited to get to class because tonight is Psych and I'm really good at Psych, but my teacher gave us an exercise that had the facts wrong and confused us all because he had no idea what he was trying to explain.

We all got confused, he was confused, I was annoyed because now my mental list of who discovered, identified and studied what is all backwards.

Today wasn't a good day.

But I'm feeling a bit better now, it doesn't take much.

I found this pictureand Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Disney movie

and this video is one of my favorite Disney songs and makes my heart go pitter-pat every time I hear it and I'm reminded of sitting in my sun-filled living room watching it on vhs being happy and four years old.

Which has started me on a spree of listening to oldschool Disney songs. Here are some of my favorites:

Aladdin- A Whole New World

The Lion King- Hakuna Matata

The Little Mermaid- Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ursula is the shit)

The Great Mouse Detective- The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

... because who doesn't love Vincent Price singing as a giant rat?

There are lots of others but my chicken strips are ready and I have a date with the couch and some HBO.

What are your favorite Disney songs?