I'll help you with the pain

It's Tuesday and I have an extra-long weekend due to the goodness that is Vacation Time.

It's nice that it's nearly noon and I'm in a towel listening to David Bowie and blogging for the first time in forevs.
Kinda sad that I had to take a vacay day to do that, isn't it?
Friday night post-gym Ty & I headed to the Toad in The Hole with Dan, Brian I, Cara and some others for beers and rowdy Opening Ceremony-watching.
We all felt very sorry for Jamaica and their one athlete.
I think he was doing freestyle skiing? I can't remember.

Dan invited these girls who were described as "living in my building" which I guess meant "being fucking snobby cunts"? Because we didn't even know they had arrived or were even there because they sat behind the group of us and didn't speak to anyone. This is an unfortunate stereotype of people who live in my building/area that I try hard not to fit into.

Bitches, man, I tell ya.
Another party at Pure.
I love my friends and the parties they throw, but they need to find a new venue.
This is gettin' a bit redundant, now.
The only reason we went was because Adam was throwing it and Dan was playing.

I eventually ditched out major early to go home (aka sleep) and Ty showed up a while later with hot chocolate and Lil Pizza Heaven, the sweet thing that he is.
V-Day was super low-key due to Ty's birthday being next week, so I have to budget for that blowout adventure.

We made a delicious dinner together and snuggled.
Peep the wine in the pitcher in the background; I need a decanter.

We made chicken with melted cheese on top, with tomato salsa that had avocado, green onion, jalapeno peppers and dill, with roasted baby potatoes and a spinach, mushroom and hard-boiled egg salad with home-made honey Dijon dressing omg I'm hungry just thinking about it.
Nothing says "character building" like the 'ol Window Brick.

Ty's been around since Friday.
I mean, we've literally spent almost every minute together since we met up at the gym Friday after work.
And I'm totally okay with that.
In fact, I really like it...

But it's nice out and there's a Starbucks across the street, so we're out for adventures.