Eating cheese on toast

Last night I had a dream I was having an affair with Chris Noth in a big, gilded apartment with ornate gold carvings and furniture everywhere; Alyx was there and trying to print off massive posters for Wicked! with the lyrics on them and pictures of the cast, and I was mad because she was cramping my style.

The thing that bugs me the most about this is because of this dream I can no longer deny that I have a thing for Chris Noth.

I'm not sure why. He's definitely handsome and suave-looking, but really looks like a big 'ol piece of shit most of the time and is considerably older than I am and really doesn't come off as being terribly nice (even in his interview I watched recently with Strombo), so what gives?

Maybe it's because I used to crush on him when I was home sick from school, lying on the couch watching repeats of Law & Order.
Mmmmm yeah, that's probably it.