I'll do it all if you'll take more

Chill weekend, money-saving is really challenging when you're used to hemorrhaging money the way that I am on stupid things, but it's always easier when you have someone fun to stay in with.

Friday was the worst day I'd had in a long time, lots of things I couldn't control like my rental agency charging me 75$ for my rent receipt (what?!) were weighing on me and I kept doing stupid, brainless things like trying to brew coffee without adding water, spilling grinds all over the place, and tripping over my own two feet. I was so stressed and needing to not be in my office anymore that I actually wound up bursting into tears and having to hide out in the 3rd floor bathroom for a while. Oops.
Thankfully I had an Art Date evening planned with Ty that involved some delicious, super On The Cheap wine, pizza, and painting pictures of David Duchovny after work, which was basically the only thing keeping me sane all day.
Still using that 5.5mm lens from Gord... look at that depth of field! *swoon*
Art station!
My shitty watercolor... that picture proved to be WAAAAAAY more challenging than I thought it would be, so I sort of powered through it and eventually realized that there was no salvaging it, and went on to paint little koi and a terrible picture of a wizard-cat.

I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of Ty's David Duchovny, whoops.
He also drew/painted me!
I can't decide if I think the sketch really looks like me, what do you guys think? I've never had anyone draw me before, so I'm not sure if the Uncanny Valley feeling is normal or not.

I am really sick of being thwarted every time I try to go to The Lo Pub. I get kickass messages from them on the regular about indie bands and the like that always play there, but something always gets in my way when I try to go.

For example, Saturday after a day that consisted mostly of lying about and watching Steamboy and various episodes of The Boosh, Ty and I wanted to go out. I conveniently recieved a message from Lo Pub saying that Shuyler Jansen was playing, as well as The Warbrides, so I decided that was where we were going... but there wasn't anything on the message about cover. I double-checked the Lo Pub page and it's generally free before 10pm and 5$ after, so it's make sense that that's the cover unless otherwise mentioned, right? So after a big drawn-out situation getting Morley we made our way down there in time for Free Cover... and find out at the door that it's 8$? Well, sorry kids, I'm cheap and not paying 8$ for something that I expected to be free because you didn't advertise properly.

Oh well, I assume our patronage was not missed and was made up for by a the usual gaggle of hipsters that can be found hanging out around there. Thwarted, we picked up some beer and proceeded to get way more loaded than any of us meant to and watched The Boat That Rocked, which I highly recommend.
How is March almost already over, where did it go?