scratch your legs in the park

Wore this dress today and it was a great success; I've been looking for a cute sassy dress in one of the obnoxious flower patterns that are hot right now for a while and stumbled across this gem the other day. A few seconds before I had an awkward run-in with Ty's ex and proceeded to be very nice while she was very rude, so I figure this dress is the universe's way of rewarding me for being the bigger person.

I like this picture of it more, but it doesn't really focus so much on the dress as it does cleav and me looking sort of sassy.

I need to learn to pose for pictures properly, more like Danielle of 356 Outfits A Year, she's awesome (and so stylish!).

Had the Parental Units over for dinner and it was a great success; they brought me my luggage for my impending Montreal trip and an air conditioner, and I in return made them delicious sole fillets and home-made mashed potatoes with asparagus.

Now my tummy is full and my apartment is cool, so I can eat ice cream and watch Lost comfortably in my underwear just the way I like to.