J'oublie mon chagrin

Busy, busy. Bedtime soon.

Ever have a weekend where you don't do much, but it still exhausts you? Friday was a write-off and sleep was caught up on, Saturday saw an amazing day of exploring and discovering new stores and places and food followed by great times with friends, Sunday offered sleeping in obscenely late followed by a workout so extreme my abs still hurt today and then the Lost finale with Will.

One could say I'm lost without Lost? Har har har.

Monday was a write-off. I have a huge art project on-the-go and the day was spent working on that while Ty played Portal; it's good background music for creativity, it seems.

We leave for Montreal next Monday and I need to lay super low until then; low-key evenings followed by a laid-back weekend and then two weeks of adventure and excitement.

Six more sleeps.