This will all make perfect sense someday

Rough bloody week.

Long week.

Even though it was a short week?

All I can say is thank goodness for small miracles because otherwise I think I could have handled the garbage going on right now.

Now I have a nice little mantra that gets me through the day and right now that has to be enough.

On top of it I've been exceedingly exhausted and have had a constant headache. I'm considering not going in to work tomorrow because I feel so worn-out and terrible but it's the last day before my vacation so I'm going to power through it as much as possible because I have shit I need to do.

My work day will consist of tuning everything out and burying myself in my work as much as possible until the day is over.

Then I see sleeping in, BBQs, hi-def movies and Portal in my near future and I like it.

As of Monday it's two solid weeks of No Stupid Bullshit combined with Eastern Canada Adventure Time.

I can't wait.