Going till we say stop

I've been working through my lunches all week and you know what? Fuck it. If I'm only going to be allowed 1hr of my workday to be on Teh Internetz then I'm going to damn well use it.

I uploaded this picture to my flickr a few weeks ago and meant to blog about it at the time but other stuff came up instead; the reason I have a stupid grin on my face is because after exhaustedly walking around The Exchange and part of downtown looking for a milkshake and not finding a single place that was open to sell me one (or sold them in general) Ty went to the store, bought mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite) and made me a milkshake from scratch.

I was so happy and thankful. It was amazing. And now after typing that, in the midst of this shitstorm at work that is stressing me out to no end, I feel quite a bit better. Being thankful for having someone in my life who will go out of their way to fullfill even my stupidest whims is what I should be thinking about, not this stupid drama.

Now I find myself smiling again. I'm glad I didn't post about this until now.

Happy Friday, dears. xo