After the war

Yesterday I told my boss I will be a full-time student in the fall.

It felt good.

It was a relief and to celebrate after dinner with my favorite Grandma I spent the evening chilling hard with Gordon and being ridiculous.

I drank three rye & cokes too fast at Billabong and got a sweet buzz.

We got a super-delish pizza from Lil' Pizza Heaven that I almost ate on the way home.

Gord burnt his lips by too much cock sauce on the pizza.

We watched the final episode of Breaking Bad season 3 and I totally saw it coming but was still blown away.

We tried to watch Run Ronnie Run which isn't the same at all as Run Lola Run but has Bob Odenkirk in it who I love so that was fine. However the movie was awful.

We stayed up too late and after rolling out of bed this morning I ate a greasy sandwich for breakfast and later today I am going to buy some retro hipster garbage and have gyoza for dinner.

Tomorrow I am going swimming at a dam in Pinawa which is apparently gorgeous. I'm stoked.

Let's do this, weekend.