I'm a monkey in a long line of kings

It's pouring like crazy outside and I'm glad I am inside, on campus, studying most of the day away and breaking occasionally to drink coffee or pee or in this case blog.

Most of the time I study in a silent study-place like the Loft area of at a secluded table but campus be bumpin' today so I am in the communal area near Cafe Bodhi and have been for the last few hours. Consequently a bunch of different people have sat down around me and had conversations and I can't help but eavesdrop, you know?

The kids (younger than I) next to me right now are currently talking about moms who harass their fat daughters and the how the girl believes that it "compounds her belief that people need to learn life lessons before having kids". I find that funny for some reason?

Earlier they were talking about a friend taking drugs and how they were worried he would be "hugging everyone and humping walls and stuff" and I almost laughed out loud and told them to stop listening to PSA warnings because there's a lot more in the world that they need to be worried about than someone with big pupils getting snuggly with peeps.

The guy just said his friend smokes "marijuana drugs". This is amazing.

I spend a lot of my time examining and listening to other people; I guess sometimes I'm judging but mostly I'm just looking. People fascinate me, I'm interested in what makes people dress the way they do, why they think the way that they think, and how they became who they are. Most of this I can't figure out by passing them on the street but sometimes I make up stories about them, a pretend life for them in my head that explains why they're taking Astronomy or are wearing Crocs in public.

These two are among my faves; people who seem completely unaware that there's a crowd of people around them and just talk and talk and talk and I love every second of it. They've gone from drugs to cigarettes to bad parenting, A&W to Mars bars to gym workouts. It's like a two-hour snippet into the lives of these two people I'll probably never meet again. I get to hear their thoughts, views, and snippets of

"and if you ever try a hallucinogen, those make you crave cigarettes".