In your tiny circuit boots

Perfect evening.

Post-midterm unwinding, we ordered some 'zah with chicken, tomato, feta and oregano that blew my face off. Watched some Aqua Tern Hunger Force and chilled with the 'ol iPad. Put on my leg warmers and listened to it rain outside.

Big 'tings a g'wan these next few weeks to be stoked about, I wish it weren't only Tuesday so I've got to make the rest of the week count so it goes bv faster.

Halloween costume is almost ready... my Renaissance Man is sewing me a custom dress and we've got some projects in store for this weekend too. We're going to a bumpin' loft party and aside from showing off our killer combo costumes I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.
This is definitely one of my favorite holidays.

Next year we might be going as Vince Noir and Howard Moon. Maybe get a Milky Joe prop?