A story

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

Waking up at 6am to a thunderous banging noise we thought someone had broken the front door down; it was that loud but when all was found to be in its right place we fell back asleep.

We discussed the strange noise over breakfast
"what the heck could it have been?"
we asked each other.

Ty left for work and I was glued to a movie
it was 8am, class was at 11:30
and Ty returned
"omg" he said "look outside"

This is what we saw
Before you flip out
and worry for my safety
let me assure you I don't live in the ghetto.

I live downtown, sure, but my street is pretty quiet and there's a high-end sushi place on one corner and a high-end beauty salon on the other
BMWs are usually parked on my street
my building is populated with students, as are most of the houses on my street.

So this was a shock.

Ty left and I called my landlord
this wasn't the dude across the hall
I was freaked out
and he told me he wasn't there
and I should call the cops.

So I did.

I was surprised at how quickly the non-emergency vehicle showed
and I eavesdropped through my door
listening as they woke him,
"Is this your building?" they asked
"do you live here?"

Then my doorknob started to rattle.

It didn't click for a second
then I opened my door and saw a dude
unkempt, smelly, totally on another planet
and two police officers behind him.

The officer asked if I knew him
I said no
he asked if he lived in the building
I said no
they quickly took him by the arms and escorted him away.

This guy was the source of the banging in the morning.
He must have thought our apartment was his.
Oh my god.

I closed my door.

I still am.