Someone's deciding weather or not to speak

Drizzly cobblestone streets that we walked down
stumbled across
umbrella less in the rain
lost but not truly

fingers intertwined as we ascended the stairs

the sheer canopy over our bed for mosquitoes
even though there weren't any
just the snippets of sound
and yellow headlights through the darkness

we left the shutters open watching outside from inside each others arms

bagels and oversized bottles of beer for breakfast
in the courtyard on the wrought-iron table & chair set
licking cream cheese from our fingers and tossing crumbs to the black squirrels
resting our feet in each others laps

feeling the late morning sun sizzle off the slanted shingled rooftops

the sound of the approaching métro car
whooshing like pulling the air out of your chest
leaving a hole
filled with joy

mind the gap

stifling heat and open-air markets
chorizo, brie, fresh-baked bread
fruit falling from our arms
more wine

the scent of fresh flowers nearly overwhelmingly sweet

lying in the grass in the shadow of Mont Royal
beaded with sweat, drenched in sunlight
giddy with the sheer beauty of it
feeling the grass against our bare skin

it was so hot we took baths twice a day

eagerly anticipating the night
moving like shadows through the crowd
thumping bass and liquid courage coursing through our veins
you kissed my neck in an alley off the beaten path

never so completely myself as I was there, with you

like forgetting the words to my favourite song
and hearing it again, like new
so familiar and tangible I can taste it beneath my tongue
I want to lose myself in it, in us

please take me back again