He opened the window just to feel the chill

Tony always says that the coolest hottest girls live in Canada and it's true.

Just look at the picture.

Last night was the finals for Miss Nude Winnipeg and yrs truly and some sidekicks pounded back some overpriced beers and cheered on our girl Felix.

That's her on the right btw.

The last time our heroine indulged in some 'ripper action was Banana Night at Teasers many moons ago

and let me tell you, Banana Night isn't as sexy as you think it might be

so needless to say when the first girl onstage took out two fire torches, slicked some oil on herself and lit a thin trail of fire along her arm I was impressed.

and I already know what you're asking, and yes, she did light that on fire.

other acts included a girl in raver gear dancing with glowsticks, painting her bod with uv-reactive paint and giving out posters of paper pressed to her painted bod, two acts who mimicked Lady Gaga
-one of which blew me away except for her lip syncing, strippers shouldn't lip=sync, y'know?
but was otherwise impressive with the intricacies of her outfits/props

and our gurl Felix dolled up as Jessica Rabbit, singing us a song and taking her clothes off leading to the second half of her performance which was the hottest onstage shower I ever did see

colour me impressed, that girl can move

she came in 2nd place but it should have been first, I know she'll blow 'em away next year

however her act is number one in my mind, let me tell you.