most girls like horror movies

let me re-phrase that: most girls like horror movies so they can cuddle under blankets and hold boys hands during the scary parts and squeal and be cute.

when I was in highschool my friend Eric was all like

"you have to come over and watch The Thing with me. in the dark."

and he was my best friend at the time so we sat in his basement in the dark watching The Thing but because he was my friend I couldn't hold his hand during the scary parts so I got more and more stressed out, and when the scene where dude who is actually an alien's chest opens up and chomps off that dude's arms he grabbed me around my middle to scare me and I screamed and flailed and hit him in the face with my elbow

which serves him right.

he was this weird squirrelly dude and we'd do nerdy stuff like watch Star Trek: DS9 and play the original Fallout games together. He taught me how to play Trivial Pursuit which was a stupid idea because the version he had was from the 1970's before either of us was born and the only answer we knew was "NCC-1701" which is the serial number on the Enterprise which we only knew from watching DS9 all the time

he was the only person I knew who had a decent enough internet connection that he could download stuff quickly so we would hunker down and watch whole seasons of anime like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Serian Experiments: Lain between raiding his moms fridge and harassing her into ordering us pizza hut

when we were in school together he would bring these huge sandwiches for lunch with giant slabs of tomato and cheese with cold cuts and lettuce. I lived for these sandwiches and would try to pawn off the lame pudding cups and cheese and crackers my mom packed for me for even half a sandwich but he only gave in once and a while, which I respected.

eventually we slept together which ruined everything, as sex usually does

and that was just the end of that.

when this comes out in theatres I'm going to go and see it not just because it's Daniel Radcliffe not being Harry Potter but because it looks creepy and Victorian, both of which I like. Because we love each other Ty is going to come with me and I am going to make him hold my hand during the scary parts

I like to think I learned something from being friends with Eric.