So The Great Gatsby looks pretty good

which is on one hand surprising because I found the book to be a pretty big snore

but isn't on the other because Baz Luhrman made Moulin Rouge! which is one of my favourite movies and also he gave a speech which got turned into the sunscreen song, which I also enjoy. sometimes it's nice to get a bit cheesy for no particular reason.

I like to think that I liked the 20's before it was cool to like the 20's because I've liked them forever, but they've also been cool ever since so maybe I'm not the trendsetter I think I am.

I was disappointed that I didn't much care for Gatsby The Book because while some of it was interesting it sort of just meandered on and I didn't find myself overly concerned about any of the characters, especially Gatsby.

or maybe that was the point?

either way I'm excited for the film and plan to see it in theatres even though it comes out on christmas and I'll be too busy partying it up on xmas to go to a movie

and speaking of partying

did anyone else notice the zebra in the pool at 0:18?

now that's a party.