Ford is weird

every morning when I wake up he hears my alarm go off and he comes running out of the living room where he's been sleeping and starts meowing at me to get him food and water or if he still has some from the day before, to watch him eat/drink and then he'll sit outside the bathroom door while I shower, meowing.

then he'll walk around the apartment yelling at us while we have coffee and get dressed and I do my hair and then he'll lie in front of the front door because he doesn't want us to leave and yells at us as we're going so we always yell

"bye Ford!" back at him.

in the afternoons he needs at least a good five minutes where someone has to sit on the couch so he can jump up and fall on you over and over and meow and bat at your hands until you pet him, because he knows that hands are Petting Devices. when you're in the kitchen doing something he'll wrap his arms around your legs and hug your feet.

because he loves you.

he knows how to open doors and cabinets and his favourite toy is a a Q-Tip he took from the bathroom garbage while we weren't looking.

Tyrone is in the kitchen saying "what the fuck are you doing? you're so fucking weird" to him

which just reinforces my point.

happy Caturday to my favourite little guy