the most pretentious girl evs is sitting at the other table

but I can't take her foto because that's too obvious. even in the age of smartphones and iphones with wicked cameras it's still tough to take a photo of someone and not look like you're totally heatscore while doing it. so here's my description of this university girl while I wait for some classmates to show up:

dirty blonde hair, dyed. roots growing in because she doesn't give an f about upkeep.
unwashed, probably day 2. not greasy for hipster-level grease so she's either blessed with nice hair or uses dry shampoo. you guess.
no-makeup makeup look. I don't get the point in this look, but whatevs.
huge knit scarf. mustard yellow because you know it's in.
oversized army jacket. looks like the real deal, likely from Ragpickers or Rhymes with Orange or another trendy vintage store.
maroon skinny jeans. nice legs. damn.
combat boots or something like it. ripoffs you can buy for 80$ at spring, maybe?
lumberjack-style winter socks pulled up out of boots and over jeans. purpose: irrelevant. trendiness: through the roof.
drinking a venti something-or-other. no lid. whipped cream. living on the edge.
huge costume rings on the right pinky finger, left ring finger and left thumb. I'm jealous.
typing on a macbook. obviously.
nails red as well, match the jeans kinda. probably on purpose but meant to look accidental because that's too much effort.
looking generally bored and disillusioned.
checks her new iphone 5. omg it's so nice.
catches me staring.

goes back to her macbook.

maybe she's reading this right now.

hi girl!