"Enjoy the fuck out of it"

1236418_10153259458660323_1459247963_nis something that my friend Adam (on the right) says a lot.

He's one of the most ridiculous people I know. Incredibly sweet and hilarious and rocks harder than anyone else, guaranteed.

Recently I was thinking "wtf am I going to do with 2014?"

'Cause even though it's a giant cliche a new year is always a decent reason to stop & reflect on yr life and where you want to go and etc

and I always try to take some time to think about wtf I want to do with myself.

To be honest, I'm working on being more positive.

But not in that fake way. I hate that shit.

That "like omg you guys it's SO. GREAT. HAHAHAHAHAHA OMG"

bullshitty way.

Fuck those chicks.

(and it's always chicks who act like that, isn't it?)

I'm talking about being like

"s'cool. I've got this, life.

I can handle this shit."

I'm going to do my best to not stress the f out when life gets tough

to channel my inner rock like Adam would do

and enjoy the fuck out of it.