It's my birthday today

I'm thirty-two.

We'd planned on going out but it was too cold so instead we stayed inside and snacked on leftover potluck food. In my younger years this would have stressed me out

what do you mean we're not going out to do something on my birthday

but these days it's nice to have an excuse to stay in my pyjamas and play video games on my day off (being born on Remembrance Day has its perks.)

Last night we hosted a pun-themed party where people brought dishes with names like:

Cheesus Christ
Curry on My Wayward Son (There'll be Eats When We Are Done)
The Beaning of Life
The Lamb Before Thyme

and a whole bunch of other gooders that I can't remember

possibly because I'm old now.

But I'm not really old. Not proper old, anyway, like my Grandma or the lovely folks who lived in the assisted living facility where I worked in university helping residents write emails to their grandkids

(no joke, that was my job. It was sweet and wonderful and I loved it)

but I'm older, which means I have license to gripe about the usual things like aches and being tired and what have you

but honestly I don't have a lot to complain about these days.

I do cool stuff and have dumb problems like

waah I've been running too many workshops recently and I need a break

really, girl? I remember back when I used to daydream about having this problem.

I guess I could say that that's the reason I don't blog as much, but tbh it's because I spent a lot of time writing in my journal, or reading, and there's a flow between my brain and my hand when I write in a journal that I've been enjoying a lot recently

and though I firmly don't believe that blogging isn't dead

it's one of many creative outlets right now

and it's been nice to have the time to explore them.

Plus with all the workshops and startup stuff and etc

sometimes I don't have the mental energy to be witty or quippy or clever or smart

which I feel more pressure to be the less I write here, ironically enough

but goddamn it, it's my birthday, and I only have so many

so let the record show that this was a good one that was spent surrounded by people I love

and I'm thankful for it

and for them

and thankful for you, too.

Happy birthday to me.