January 2010

She's an angel for sure, she just can't stop telling lies

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Very tired, I'm waiting for some downloads to finish so I can head'r to bed, where I long to be.

Alyx is over and snuggled on my couch; I made her leave her bed and come home with me in the cold to a bath in my amazing bathtub with fizzies and good-smelling things, vanilla Oreos and double bergamot Earl Grey tea, and she is watching The Secret and I'm half-listening because I'm happy but exhausted.

Here's my bedroom, that I can't wait to be in.
I put up some Christmas lights not too long ago, I really like the soft glow that they create.
My giant microbes
(Herpes and Sperm)
from Alyx.
Here are some things I love right now:

This amazingly bright house from Apartment Therapy. I covet that window seat!!

A comic about that Top Gun song!

I've been searching for a cute tea ball for loose tea, and this tea submarine is perfect!

Even cuter, black & white cloud salt & pepper shakers!

Ty loves fonts, and informs me On The Regular that Helvetica is the "Jesus of fonts", I'm considering making him (burnt) cookies with these!!

These jaw-dropping outfits from Style Bubble. I could never come up with anything like this!

... and that's it for me, guys & dolls, I have a date with a super-fluffy pillow and some sweet dreams.


Diamonds are a girls best friend

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Long day.

It's blizzarding and walking to work this morning was basically The Shittiest, but I haven't gone outside since then so I've been pretending like maybe the walk home won't be as bad.

Maybe it won't.

Here's hoping.

I just finished doing a really tedious and repetitive task at work that basically took all day and am close to brain-dead and I guess I could look at the blustery walk as a wake-up call that will snap me back into thinking properly.

However while doing it I was listening to this new podcast I found called Relic Radio's "Strange Tales!" which is essentially old-timey radio shows and I'm really enjoying it; I missed using my imagination!

Also, no class tonight due to weather. Awesome!

I'm going to play the shit out of my 360 when I get home.

Are we getting closer or are we just getting more lost?

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Check out this wicked project Ty and I did together over the weekend!!
Cool, no?

I'm totally in love with how terribly, terribly gaudy it is!
It's not actually crooked; I had to hold the camera above my head to take a straight-on photo.
Made with:
- Foam board
- Super cute wrapping paper (we used two kinds)
- Mod Podge
- An X-acto knife for cutting!

I originally got the idea to do something like this from Urban Outfitters, but theirs is over priced and sort of ugly.

A bison??
(and that's probably in US dolla billz, and before shipping, but I didn't look...)

Ours took about 2hrs to make, and cost probably... 20$ or so.
(the fancy paper on the deer was $5, everything else we got from Dollarama)
and I like this better because you can totally customize your deer based on what type of paper you use; I'm already making one for a girl I work with for her place.

Love it!!

It might seem like an afterthought

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This past week and this coming one have been (and are supposed to be) ridiculously warm for mid-January, and as I mentioned in my last post this is really unusual for Winnipeg, so everyone is taking advantage of it and being outside as much as possible.

That being said, it was a perfect opportunity for Ty and I to wander around downtown, have some lunch, and take some pictures for some frames he wants to put up on his wall.
Totally gorgeous, I can't get over it.

Note that Ty is wearing a hoodie in the middle of winter, and I have no scarf or gloves on?!
What is this trickery?

I can't help but feel that we're going to get plunged right back into the deep-freeze in a couple of weeks, so we're definitely enjoying this while it lasts.
Part of being my boyfriend
-or anyone that knows me, really-
is being made to play photograpgher and chronicler of my douchebaggery every time we go places.

Lucky souls!
We hit up a lovely place called Eat! Bistro for lunch; I used to go there all the time with Victoria when she lived here.
I know I have a few Winnipeg readers, and if you haven't checked this place out definitely make a point to! It's on Garry St, right across from where Sonar used to be (or I guess still is? The sign is still there but it's not open)

Anyway there's a really charming used bookstore attached to the bistro as well, so it's like one-stop shopping for cuteness!
I'm so in love with the d├ęcor here.
And the lighting! The colors!
That outfit is such win; I'll do a Style Post update with it soon.
Ty's lunch: the Lunch special, a salmon and asparagus frittata, garden salad and delicious bread.
The frittata was good (obvs we did sharesies) but a little too fishy for me.
Mine: Sweet chili chicken with wonton crackers and cucumber.
This was a totally amazing lunch, ridiculous foodgasm that I highly reccomend.

In fact since Eat! is within walking distance I'm considering going and getting some right now...
We also got some delicious cupcakes as desert!Kraut King: one of the coolest-looking ghetto restaurants I've ever seen!
It's actually located between the In and Out ramps of a parkade, and is just one big circular booth with stools around it. So neat!
It has weird hours so that's why we didn't go, but we're definitely going back to check it out and have some delicious schnitzel!
The actual reason for our adventure: to take pictures of interesting mouldings or bulidings in the downtown area.
Despite being pretty slummy in a lot of places, the 'Peg does have some really interesting architecture and some very unique places, I'll definitely give it that.
Speaking of slummy...

Fun fact: this "bar" is right across the street from the Golden Room, which used to be the Gentleman's Club (they're both strip joints), and one time while I was walking right in front of this doorway a guy having a smoke outside the Gentleman's Club offered me a job as a stripper there.


Just to clarify, I said no. I have a fascination with fire escapes, I don't know why.
This is basically what Ty does all day when we go places; stands around and talks to me while I climb things and take stupid pictures.

What a good sport.
Love these tunnels!

Then Ty took me to the best toy store ever: Toad Hall Toys!Possibly one of the coolest places I've ever been, it reminded me of one I visited in England when I was a little girl.Obviously I honed in on the most wholesome stuff in the place.
Can't take me nowheres.

It's unfortunate that you guys missed out on the moment where I found the toy fish that had teeth and proceeded to put it against Ty and say "chomp... chomp... chomp..."
It was definitely a shining, IQ-defining moment in my life.

PS: I was looking for "fish with teeth" to name the fish I mentioned, and found this instead? Wtf?!?!
Speaking of fish!
One of my favorite fish are the plecostomus! I was excited.
(Is it sad that I knew how to spell that?)
A gorgeous old bench in a beautiful neighbourhod... and a king can.
How "Winnipeg"!
Ty looks unimpressed, I think he lost some respect for me after the "Chomping Fish Incident".
Our friend Moarley is always looking for deece Mexican, so here's to remembering: Don Pedro's on Market St!
I totally want to check this place out, their menu has shrimp cooked with roasted peppers and Jose Cuervo Sauce!!
I'm rad.
Then we climbed to the top of a parkade while reciting the scene with Patrick Stewart on Extras
"Oy! You can't ride you bike on the grass!"
It was lonely windy at the top.
This is the best picture ever and I love it.
What a day!

It's officially 1:45pm and I'm starving, this post made me hungry!
What should I go get for lunch?
Oh, the possibilities!


Charlie bit meeeeeeeeeee

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I love auto-tune!


Follow you until you love me

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I'm feeling pretty disillusioned with life right now; I keep pushing and pushing and I'm losing steam and it's terribly disheartening. Usually I'm good at pushing through tough situations but I just don't have the time anymore.

I miss Time.

Time to relax, time to myself, time to do nothing.

I'm constantly surrounded by people, going places, doing things. Even 90% of my downtime is spent with at least one other person and while that's still good it's also beginning to drive me a bit crazy.

Last night I was alone for four hours and I spent the entire time cleaning. Why? Because I haven't had time to properly clean, dust, sweep and mop my apartment since before Christmas and thinking about it is actually making me angry.

And no, it's not Ty's fault. He's around a lot. A lot. More than I prefer people to be, actually. But his presence is different so it doesn't really count, in a way, it's just really new and now that I've been catapaulted back into the 'ol work/school grind it really is becoming apparent to me that the only way I stayed sane all those months was because I spent so much time alone outside of those two places.

Now, not so much.

Oh and the loss of my lunch hours due to overwhelming schoolwork is a piss-off. My day goes by so much faster when I can dick around on the interwebz for an hour in the middle of my day; lately all the interwebz surfing I do is for moar articles on Iraq. Goddamn.

I know this will all pass once the Evening Class end-of-semester Blitz is over, but still.
So, before I go study for my Psych test, here are a few pictures I've been meaning to put up here but haven't; they've been on my Flickr but life got in the way.
Remember NYE?
Yeah, I actually did stuff!!
Drankin' with 'Lyxx.
She went and worked at some bar
I forget which
and made 100$ in tips that night!
Go girl.
NYE pose-off.
Those tights are on their last legs
(hurr hurr)
RIP 'em in advance.
Meg came to visit us from Montreal for the occasion!
We all wound up attending a party at the ROCC basically because everyone we knew was either hired for it in some way, or was involved with it in some fashion.
Good nights do those things not guarantee.
Not a terrible waste, but not among the better organized/decorated/put-together or sounding parties I've wasted my time on.
I thought I could like dupstep but... now I'm not so sure.
The night was only saved by all of us hanging behind the dj booths like pretentious assholes instead of mingling with the sweaty dancers.
Oh well.
I had a teriffic New Year's Kiss and that was what mattered.
That RIDICULOUS jacket is one of Ty's Christmas presents courtesy of me.
Isn't it just terrible?
Love it.
Komus at his finest.
That man can drink like nobody's business, I tell you.

Oh and Ty sent me this fabulous postcard in the mail a while back
(again, haven't had time to post)
I think I showed this to Shaz when I first recieved it:

What a sweetheart.

Okay... studying time. Bye-bye lunch hour.

Oddly... I feel a million times better about everything & life now that I've blogged about it.
Lesson learned?


Going down that same old road

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So much going on right now.

Sometimes I have to remember to breathe.

It's all good, though.
So good.

I can't wait for blankets, comfort food and Tyrone after class tonight.
So good.