April 2010

Feathers of an arrow

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Every time I sit down my legs go whyyyyyyy

And every time I walk around my legs go whyyyyyy

whyyyyyy are we moving why aren't you in a big bubble bath soaking us after such a physically challenging week of working and packing and working and packing and then running all over the place?

My reply is it's only Friday and half a work day is left and after that you need to carry me to Tavern United with co-wokers to bid farewell to the lovely Mariah and have pints and probably calimari and maybe a salad, we'll see.

The original plan was to sit on the rooftop patio but it's raining outside so the that isn't an option so we'll grab a booth somewhere and get served by cute girls.

I believe they wear plaid skirts there.

If there are I will take a picture for Tony in his honor.


I'll speak slowly if you're on something, and faster if you're not

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Wow it's Wednesday already where did the week go?

Guess that's what happens when you switch either between Work Mode and Extreme Packing Mode; I've either been at the office or cooped up in my apartment packing up the ridiculous amount of boxes needed for The Move this weekend. Honestly, why do I have so much stuff? The only thing I can justify and be proud of are my five large boxes full of books that I will never, ever part with.

Good news is that tomorrow I go back to clean and then spend the night hanging out and relaxing before the moving extravaganza which will swiftly be followed by the Wine Festival. Should be an interesting weekend.
But enough about this coming weekend, let's rewind and visit last Saturday when I was graced by the presence of these two gentlemen and a couple bottles of wine before heading out to check out The Ghost Show at the opening of Freud's Bathhouse and Diner.

Possibly the best name for a venue ever.
I'll just say flat-out that I adore this space; there isn't a lot of sitting (or standing) room as I believe capacity is 50 people, but it makes for a really nice intimate environment. I was also a fan of the "ghost-themed art" hanging/on the walls and the sexy-time pink lighting. I have a fetish for little spaces like these.

We happened to walk in during musical performance that involved a guy occasionally strumming a guitar with some weird synth as background noise. Not exactly our style, so we all stuck around inside to check out what would follow but that turned out to be a really cool beat and a woman singing like Yoko Ono.
So we headed outside to mingle with the hipsters and take drunken pictures of the buildings instead.

The venue was definitely somewhere I would check out again. Iffy musical performances but you win some you lose some and I'm not even 100% sure who was playing so I can't point fingers at who was whom anyway. That being said, I have a feeling that a lot of weird-assed musicians will be playing there and I am extremely excited to check upcoming acts in the future; it's venues like these that you can find some real musical talent.
Eventually the music started to wind down and when the Hipster Conversation turned to how the City is potentially going to be paving over the cobblestone streets in the Exchange (outrage!) we decided that it was time for more beer and to head to Jabez's sweet-assed condo to wind the evening down.

All in all a very successful night.

I could go for more Saturdays like these.


Roll the dice

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National Geographic is rolling out a new documentary series called "Extraordinary Animals in the Womb" that looks to be really interesting and informative.

Aside from being about interesting animal fetuses images were captured is really cool, it's one of the first instances of 4-dimensional scanning. To get the images, producer Peter Chin used a 'combination of three-dimensional ultrasound scans, computer graphics and tiny cameras to capture the process from conception to birth of a number of animals including sharks, elephants, dolphins, dogs, and penguins'.

Since I have a fascination with all things gross and bodily (the podcast I am listening to was titled "Should We Save Umbilical Cord Blood?") this sounds like a really interesting series that I figured I'd share here with anyone else interested in animal babies and blood and birth. Oh, and penguins.

Check out the page for the Extraordinary Animals episodes here and the general page for the documentary series here.

Wasn't looking at your girlfriend, didn't touch your mustang

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So tired today, spent all of last night packing up my apartment.

And by that I mean... just my bedroom.

I never realized how much stuff I have.

It's gorgeous out today and I should be out in the park enjoying my lunch.

But I'll spend it here checking out Winnipeg Cat because I love inside jokes about the place I live.

And it's too much effort to go outside.

Hey, Alice

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Last night a few of us went to The Cre8ery to check out "Wonderland Interactive Party", which basically advertised itself as an Alice in Wonderland-themed interactive visual party hosted by Po-Mo Productions, a local visual media arts group.

Usually I would take pictures of this sort of event to share here, but there wasn't anything worth photographing. We stayed roughly 45 minutes while that was only to have a few beers and socialize, it honestly was 40 minutes more than was needed.

For an "interactive party" there wasn't much there to interact with. The idea was that you texted sentences to a phone number, and based on secret words certain characters would "appear"... and by that I mean lower from the top of the screen or rise up from behind a hill momentarily. I can appreciate the idea but it was poorly executed because the words were "secret" and the animations didn't really do anything at all except move back and forth a little bit.

It all felt very much like something you would see at Chuck-E-Cheese, except those animatronic characters were actually complex, well-designed and not projections on a wall.

The set up of the projectors and wires was exceedingly sloppy, the projections on the walls overlapped and weren't color-matched properly, one of the screens kept dying so one of the screens would revert back to a Mac desktop for a few minutes, and the background art was some tossed-together vector art I could have drawn myself.

The thing that bothered me the most was something I found out after the event when I was doing some research into how little effort went into the actual production of the party: I was on the FaceBook page for the event, which boasted a picture of the vector background as well as the caption "I was going to do crosshatching for the background art, but that was too time-consuming...", a statement that left me stunned.

A crosshatched background that blended with the art used for the "animations" would have looked significantly better and more thought-out than a tossed-together vector background. Not only that, but to publicly make a comment of that nature indicates the lack of professionalism and dedication behind this endeavor. Obviously there was too much time spent promoting the product, and not enough time and care put into actually creating something worthwhile.

The reaction I got from everyone that I spoke to was that of disappointment, but that they all came out because they felt it was necessary to support a local artist. Understandable, because that's why I went as well. However, to get unanimous reactions of "it's less than what I expected" or "I didn't expect anything great" is disheartening to hear even though I had nothing to do with the event. It sets a low standard for other visual artists in Winnipeg.

Honestly, if Po-Mo are going to promote themselves so fiercely -the only thing they seem to be adequate at doing- then they should at least deliver a decent product to back it up and not leave their audience with lower expectations than those they walked in with.


You're a really great person, you just don't know it yet

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funny animated gif

I wish that every time I said or did something awesome somehow this clip of Citizen Kane clapping determinedly would be shown.


Picture me always as a god, don't put me on a pedestal

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Guys, life is stellar.

The next time I start spending all my time stressing, one of you just slap me (verbally!) and remind me that everything works out in the end and I need to stop stressing.

Everything's working out, and spring is here.

In celebration of Spring and new things (and a bit of inspiration from Galadarling!), here's my Spring Mix, a bunch of new (and old!) 'tunes that have been making me dance and smile lately.

1. Cassette Kids - Spin (House Remix)
2. Jay Z - Dirt off Your Shoulder
3. Chris Komus & Alex Ridley - Chick Magnet
4. Kid Beyond - Wandering Star
5. We Have Band - Love, What You Doing?
6. Cake - Going the Distance
7. Kanyé West - The New Workout Plan
8. Broken Bells - Vaporize
9. The Von Bondies - C'mon C'mon
10. Vampire Weekend - Cousins
11. Deastro - The Shaded Forests
12. The Stereophonics - Superman
13. Pulp - Common People
14. Beck - Cellphone's Dead
15. Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses

Obviously if you guys have any musical suggestions to make, I'd love to hear them! I'm always up for new 'tunes.

Love machines on the sympathy crutches

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I just listened to an episode of "The Current" on CBC called "Health Care User Fees" and when I saw the title I thought "oh, more coverage on US health care".

I was wrong, it was about us. Canada.

Excuse me?

Apparently in an attempt to pull Quebec out of the red financially Quebec Premier Jean Charest has put forward the idea of imposing a 25$ user fee for every doctor's visit.

Since taking office in 2003, Permier Charest will have indebted Quebeckers by more than $42-billion, which is an historic record, and I understand the obvious desire scrape together money where they can, and with actions like raising the price of electricity by 3.7 percent, hiking gas prices by a cent a litre, and charging higher costs for post-secondary tuition (which I am also against, but that's another topic), going after Health Care seems like a cash-grab.

According to the Charest government because they would be collecting back the amount owed from visits off workers income tax instead of making them pay up-front it's technically not a violation of the Health Care Act.

Oh, but don't forget that the “health contribution” will cost adults $25 this year and eventually climb to $200 in 2012.

This, my friends, is garbage. It completely violates the entire spirit of the Canadian Health Act, which is based on the principle of universal access. What about pregnant women, people with cancer, small children, or the chronically ill? Being charged anything for a doctor's visit is an absolute outrage. It's disgusting to even suggest it.

Thankfully it has been met with vehement opposition. Even good 'ol Iggy had something to say, and ideally as a result of the overwhelming negativity the issue will be dropped. Hopefully. Otherwise I'm afraid what could go through in Quebec will become standard practice in other provinces as well .

I'm honestly amazed at something like this, right after we watched the US fight tooth and nail for a shred of what we have up here.

I'm amazed, and ashamed.

The color leaks through the papers

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Sunday some of us Mixhardigans got together in Ass Park for a good 'ol-fashioned bbq and hang-out.
Donald brought intense steaks that he eventually gave up trying to cut with feeble plastic cutlery and ate like a man with his hands.
Much more meat and drinking happened, but I was underdressed so I stood by the fire staying steamy warm.
Kim brought her adorable-as-hell kids, who waved at me and repeatedly informed their mom that "they really liked the pretty lady"
obviously they meant me. Hee hee.
Lovely day with some lovely peeps.
To quote Owen: New Dutch meets Old Dutch!

Super busy these days guys, but I made this for dinner tonight and having this for breakfast tomorrow, so you can rest easy knowing I'm at least looking after my palette.

Oh, and because being too busy means not having the time to read anything super heavy, I'm re-reading this because I have the box-set. You should too, if you haven't already.

Didn't know how lost I was

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I hate the public bathrooms in my office; they're never terribly clean and at least one stall's always broken.

Today was no exception, even though the cleaning lady was hanging out in there, she was talking on her cell phone instead of doing her job.

Whatever, I'm just in there to pee and gtfo.

Do my thing, reach down and realize the toilet isn't flushing.

Open the back and realize the entire chain is missing.

I am not reaching into the back of a public toilet and covering my hand in that water, no way. I'll let the receptionist know and she can call someone to come fix it.

Exit the stall.

Wash my hands.

The cleaning lady steps into the same stall and proceeds to make disgusted sounds at me and motion at the toilet.

I tried to explain that it was broken, but she just kept harshly speaking at me in another language and looking at me with an expression of pure disgust on her face.

Did I honestly just get chewed out by the cleaning lady for not dealing with a broken toilet?


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