March 2011

These pictures of our stable justice

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We're reading The Blind Assassin in Lit and the embedded narrative is a girl and a guy and the story he tells her whenever they meet up, secretly, in slummy apartments or back rooms or park benches. They make verbal jabs at each other and play stupid mind games and before and sometimes after they've made love he tells her this story.

It's about other dimensions and aliens and sci-fi stuff but actually it's about the couple and the secret message the guy spends the whole novel -basically their whole time together- trying to tell her, dressed up with courtiers and sacrifice.

See, he's in love with her and wants to run away with her to anywhere but where they are so they can actually be together, but she doesn't seem to get it, either on purpose or because she's too busy trying to play the role she thinks she's supposed to be playing. He spends all this time telling her this story that's interesting and insightful but what he should really be saying, the whole time, is


but he doesn't. Maybe he can't.

It makes me sad and it makes me wonder why

and I think about how many people go through their lives being too afraid to tell the people that they love that they love 'em

until it's too late. until they can't.

for whatever reason

and I wonder what about Love with a Capital L scares people so much

maybe we love the wrong people

maybe we don't love ourselves enough

maybe we're just not programmed to do it

maybe it's all just made up

maybe love is actually just a dressed-up story

but I'd rather not think that.

Can't get shot in the back if you don't run

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Sometimes you listen to something a million times
maybe it's on in the background
or maybe you weren't really listening before
but then one time
you listen to it.

This is one of those songs.
Rarities / Unreleased / Demos by Matthew Good
Spending my evening glued to my iMac.
having walked around in Oxfords all afternoon in the sunshine
drank too much coffee
let the wind blow up my dress

it wasn't so cold today.

and I felt warmer on the inside than I have in weeks.

not just in my muscles
but in my heart
I've been stressed out for no reason

at least I think?


Maybe let's just stop pretending

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Guess what I got today!
Thanks Canada Revenue Agency!

In my chair, as I sit back smiling from ear to ear

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I hope I get back to blogging more once my exams and papers are all done.

I hope I feel rested, just once, this week.

I hope dinner and wine with Candice goes well tonight

I hope I don't eff up the sauerbraten or the brussels sprouts

I hope I get lucky afterward (with Ty, silly)

I hope things in Lybia don't get worse

I hope those kidnapped European cyclists are okay

I hope Elizabeth Taylor Rests in Peace


I hope Japan gets better soon

'cause the world needs more stuff like this


Burt Reynolds is Batman

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I've always been a fan of improv.

Tried it in highschool and didn't really stick with it. Too much pressure and the kids in my improv class were in a totally different league than my nervous, high-strung, unfunny self was.

I like to think as a laid-back hilarious adult I'd be much better at it, but don't expect to see me out at an improv competition near you.

So nowadays I stick to stuff like old episodes ofWho's Line is It, Anyway? and newer ish like Blouzefest.

Hell, those dudes sing their improv. I could never do that.

When my mirror speaks it never minces words

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I'm tired.
Happy Sunday.


Let's start a war

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Yes I know it's St. Patrick's Day and yes I know I should be out drinking right now.But I did a bunch of that last night at the Electric Six concert.

Was in the front row with Mz. Bex and a foot away from Dick Valentine and being squashed against the front of the stage and there was me, her, and some other chick and Dick looked down and commented on the force of the crowd pushing on us, saying sarcastically

"these ladies don't need their kidneys"

and I am definitely am feeling it today. My knees are completely purple, I have bruises up and down my legs and torso, and my arms make me look like a victim of domestic abuse.

But it's the best damn Wednesday night activities I've ever gotten into, and even though it's reduced me to yoga pant-wearing, glasses-wearing, couch-lying limbo for tonight I'm okay with that.

'Cause it's not often you see a show that's that effin good.

When we touch, when we kiss

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Guess who I'm seeing tonight

one of my fav bands

at one of my fav venues

with some of my fav people


what am I gonna wear?!


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Today was a shitty day and no I don't want to talk about it.

Just watch this video.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.


I want the lights on after dark

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Going to a babby shower today and I'm nervous.

Kids freak me out, especially the littlest ones.

I've never held one, not sure if I want to.

What if I drop it?

What if it cries?

What if it pukes on me?

or worse

what if I realize I want one?

Went shopping in a blizzard yesterday because I'm stupid.

Prior to that had a consult for an anti-boob job.

Doc explained the proceidure and said

"we may have to laser off your nipple and reattach it"

which is at once

both terrifying and awesome

and now Ty keeps walking around

talkin' 'bout my Laser Tits.


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