Ty went outta town this past weekend

so I put on a maxi dress and made cray salad and took photos with this beaut.

We had a BBQ and lots of mixed boozy drinks at Owen & D's.

It didn't rain like it was supposed to so we sat in their backyard getting bit by mosquitoes.

who I can only assume were attracted to my pretty blue dress

which I later passed out in on a bed in the basement

which I assume is set up specifically for that purpose

or so our hosts can bone & watch TV at the same time.

I don't wanna know which.

Anyway I had the weirdest dreams which is unusual

not because I don't usually have weird dreams, which I do

but because usually when yr girl drinks there are no dreams

of weird horses and shoes and pinball machines

just dark, dreamless sleep

and greasy food when I wake up.

Which there was, come to think of it.

It's good to have constants in one's life, I think.