October 2009

Back when I was younger I was someone youd've liked

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Shaz has been bugging me to blog, but there's just a bunch up in the air right now and Flickr was cocking up royal for the last two hours and I'm tired and need to study and wish I had cuddles.

I still love you, Blog, Blogosphere, Internet.

I just don't have the energy for you right now.

Put a ring on it

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The bright end of nowhere

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Most of the time I'm really happy.

I have amazing friends, the best ever.
My apartment is cute and charming.
I'm excelling in my classes.
My income is good.

And when people ask me why I don't have a boyfriend
(because I guess that's supposed to complete my life?)
I just shrug and move on.
To be honest, it really doesn't bother me.

Life is fulfilling and I'm usually happy.

But I'm not right now.

It's not because of boys
it's not work
not school
or my skyrocketing rent.

It's because I can't help my friend.

It's hard being good friends with both sides of something
when one comes to you it's impossible to help them without hurting the other
and then what?

Lose one?
Lose both?

I don't want to.

So I have to keep my mouth shut and watch
like a car crash in slow-motion
unable to find a way to help
to reach out and catch them both.

I wish there was.

What kind of music do they play there? Techno.

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Bespectacled friends stopped by yesterday before Format 2.
Home-made Sangria was had. So tasty.
Shutter shades.
Will they ever stop being ridiculous?
Probably not.
Oh hai friends.
We chillin.
Okay done now, sry.
Dan's fine fridge facts of life, I need better, more inappropriate magnets.
Limberin' up?
I have no idea, honestly.
Oh right, then we finally made our way to Pure for Format 2 and had to take a really long, backwards route because Osborne St was shut off for two blocks.
Oh, y'know.
Because someone robbed the TD bank and left a parcel (aka potential bomb??) there.
No biggie, I guess?
Boys hard at work.
It's been ages since I've been to any sort of show; I almost didn't go but Donald was throwing it and I never turn down the chance to support a friend.
Even when cover is 15$ and went up to 20$ after we got there.
Are you fucking kidding me?
At least I got to dance to One Night in Hackney.

Oh, speaking of supporting friends if you're planning to attend Folk Fest in MB next year, check out the FaceBook group to send Komus to FolkFest and join up!
Nothing says "Alternative Stage" like psytrance!

And now I'm off to see Where The Wild Things Are.

Mouseketeers and silly hats

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I was going to ask who wakes up and decides that their talent will be making drawings in sand, but Shaz answered "sandrats" so I guess that solves that dilemma.

Oh well, it's still neat.


Wrestle with your darkness

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Due to the intense sickness from last week I was barred from coming over to my parents on Sunday to have Thanksgiving with them.
I'm no longer a walking bag of disease but Grandma S. doesn't have the greatest immune system and she was there, so that means I wasn't.
I understand.

This was made easier by the fact that the 'rents dropped off some leftovers, and Alyx and her new blond hair came over with even more leftovers tonight to share a Leftover Feast with me.
What a good friend.
Dinner was had after new House, of course.
Have you seen it yet?
So good.
I love Hugh Laurie despite his bad haircut this season.
Leftover FEAST!
Two types of stuffing, carrots & peas, mashed potatoes, scalloped potatoes, perogies, mixed steamed veggies, light and dark turkey, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, M&M Meats Orange Layer Cake, and buns.
We're witty.
Many jokes were made about that poor limp baby corn.
Nice pants!
One of us is a vegetarian, guess which.
Stoked to eat!
Nothing says "Thanksgiving" like The Devil Wears Prada!
Thanksgiving Carb Faces!
Bye Alyx!
Thanks for making my Thanksgiving a gooder!

Hope you had a fab day guys!

Fall in love with a woman I can't find

- by admin

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian homies, I'll try to remember when it is in the US so I can eat turkey again on that day, too.

I have lots of things to be thankful for; I have amazing friends that get me through anything, relatives who love me, a deece job that pays the bills for my lovely apartment, school, future.

It's all good.

I'm also thankful for little things like fake pearls and my Canon SLR
for blogs and internet memes
for pointy-toed shoes and the way snow looks on flowers
for sleeping in and staying up late
for Matthew Good and the feeling I get when I think about Toronto
for holding hands
for making out like you're still in high school
lots of things.

Friday night Alyx came over and we made soup together and watched part of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly; I'm thankful for her. She's coming over tomorrow to make me a Thanksgiving dinner so I'm extra-thankful for that also.

I guess you could say shit's pretty good right about now

(knock on wood)

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving folks.


Press 1

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I have kids, this is where they're going.


Everybody do the Bartman

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Entering Day Three of Sickness.

Eating lasagna at 3am.

The bottom line is a throat/lung infection, antibiotics and an inhaler and the inability to make sounds.

Except the Marge Simpson disapproving Hmmmmmm, I can do that okay.

I'm going a bit stir-crazy, I can't handle not being able to talk to people for long periods of time; I mean really talk not FB Chat or msn but this is just too embarrassing to even try (my dad laughed at me) and I'm making my mom notify my office that I, again, won't be in.

Black and white movies movies, Dexter and Fallout 3 are my best friends.

Appropriate steps

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I really need today to be over.

Shitty weekend, sort of. Besides being exhausted beyond belief Friday was definitely the highlight, what with the zombie goodness and BTA and Apples to Apples. Then there was some major drama happening between friends that wow I can’t even go into here, not only was I asked not to repeat it but it’s so fucking off-the-wall you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway and Sunday I just felt like crap and lay under three blankets on the couch watching the second season of Mad Men.

Still sick, this doesn’t seem to be getting any better and when I inhale deeply I cough; the inside of my chest feels like a big wet sponge, very moist (don’t you hate that word?) with holes for the air to sift through.

Maybe I have an infection.

It’d be nice if one of the walk-ins located near me were open so I could confirm that suspicion.

I’m really considering calling my teacher and being like “look I feel like shit, tell me what reading needs to be done and I’ll do it from my couch between hacking up a lung and watching House”.

I think that’s the game-plan.

Subway makes me feel mildly more cheerful.


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