November 2009

Mark Wahlberg is wearing a hat

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What happens when Ty somehow mixes the milkshake scene from There Will Be Blood with the All Your Base video?


I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff.


I bombed Korea every night

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It's days like these that I'm glad that I blog because it's just been so stellar.

Okay well it actually started last night; after class Ty came over and we got tipsy on white wine and tried (and failed) to make paper cranes together and listened to The Smashing Pumpkins and talked and it was grand.

Today I woke up completely refreshed and cheerful and I got to work and on the Accounting whiteboard where there's a list of upcoming events and things to do, it said:
Take Tom Moody out for lunch
which I thought was completely hilarious (it's funnier if you know Tom Moody) and over the course of the day it de-evolved into one of my bosses getting upset about someone "writing on her whiteboard"
and then me fueling the fire by writing
Tom Moody is kind of a big deal
underneath what Tom wrote
and so on.

Everything just seemed to fit really well and nothing could get me down, so I decided to channel some of my happiness and recent creative energy into attempting to make some new headbands.

Because paying 15$ a pop for those cute ones you see everywhere isn't always the best of times.
what a mess!
I'm definitely leaving it out overnight so it stays on my mind tomorrow, even though I know when I get up tomorrow morning when I get up and are like "guuuuuuh morning" and see this clutter it'll ruffle my feathers.
But hopefully it'll put me in a creative state of mind all day, just look at those feathers waiting to be pasted onto things!

My first project:
I actually bought this headband a while ago, but because it's black and so is my hair most of the time even with my hair pulled back people assumed I'd just fucked up brushing my hair or something, which was sort of uncool.
How to solve this problem?
Glue mildly emo-colored feathers into it!
Combined with the mnml glasses, it's pretty dope I'd say.

voilà ma deuxième projet!
This one I actually did myself, I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.

That headband, by the way, is actually part of one headband that I broke apart; why is it so hard to find a bunch of plain headbands at Dollarama these days?
Anyway I totally thought it was three separate ones and had to MacGyver 'em apart without breaking them in addition to gluing stuff onto them
(hint: don't be cheap and buy Dollarama glue like me, it's shite)
My how brooding!
Big fan of these feathers though I wish they were longer.

I also have ribbon and sequins and am seriously considering going back and buying a (!!!) bird to stick onto one of these.
THAT would be fun to wear at the bus stop.

I so wish it wasn't 12:12am right now, I'd really love to run to Safeway and grab a sandwich right now, I'd even toss on pants and everything.
I'm so hungry, starving even.
Plus since it's Thanksgiving in the US all I can think about is having one of these and am definitely going to have to procure the items necessary to have this over the weekend.

Oh hey have you checked out Shaz's nifty mouth x-ray?
I so want one of my mouth
(did you know I was born without wisdom teeth?)
I'd put it in a chic mnml metal frame and hang it in my bathroom.

At the least could we be friends?

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My friend Ian Ross always describes himself to me with finger-quotations, saying "I'm kinda famous" and then I make fun of him for having a , wikipedia page or tell him to get a haircut.

Despite the fact that I mock him constantly, yesterday some of the girls from my office and I took a long lunch to go check out one of his more well-known plays called " An Illustrated History of the Anishnabe" at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP).

If the fact that it's at the MTYP didn't give it away, it's a play geared at pre-teens (I think), though from our seats I observed that there were a lot of younger kids in the audience as well.

Childrens plays fascinate me; they need to be entertaining in order to keep the audience engaged, but need to still be able to address them in a mature and relateable way in order to properly convey the message or story, and I felt like the play accomplished that wonderfully. Because of the method in which the story was presented, which was through acting as well as visuals and shadow puppets, I remained very much aware of the age gap between myself and the target audience, but the play remained simple and direct and felt much more universally accessible than many shows I watched as a young girl.

What surprised me, though, was how powerful the play managed to be while maintaining the guise of a "children's play".

One of the reasons I think this was possible was because Ian, who played the main character, addressed the audience and brought them into the play itself; they were no longer just members of an audience but active participants in their own education. As the story covered the basis behind many Native words and beliefs, as well as the destructive influence of the European presence in North America the audience made the journey with the characters and really seemed to absorb the information that was being given to them. By the end, the children were so enthralled that the question-and-answer period at the end of the run had to be cut short in order to accommodate for time.

I'm ashamed to say that even though I live in Winnipeg and a high percentage of the population here is Native or Métis, I never really learned anything on their culture or their history. As a girl of direct European descent from yuppie suburbia I was never exposed to it besides the occasional mention in History class growing up, and my opinion on these subjects has only really begun to change since I moved out and became a member of the real world .

What's interesting is that through all my years of schooling I never learned as much on the topic of Native peoples as I did yesterday, nor was it ever presented in a memorable, relateable, and compassionate way. I feel as though I gleaned a lot from my theater experience yesterday, and am confident that the children feel the same.

Congratulations on a fabulous play, Ian.

It hurts it destroys till it kills

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Well it's almost December (how the heck did that happen? Where did November go?!) and if you know anything about Canada or the prairies or especially Winnipeg, you know that winter equals snow.

So it's pretty freakin' fantastic that it hasn't happened yet, and with that being said, I'd be a complete idiot if I didnt take full advantage of the gorgeous weather and go wandering about.
Love these flats!!

I bought them when I was 18 and spending 60$ on shoes was a big deal to me
(it still kind of is...)
and I'm terrified of ruining them so I only whip 'em out on special occasions such as No Snow In November Day
Mmmmmmm lunchables.

Hit up The Fyxx in The Exchange for some coffee and eats with that man I spend a lot of my time with, totally hit the spot.

I was totally channeling Krista when I did this, she always takes the best jumping pictures.

Chinatown in Winnipeg basically consists of an apartment block and some office buildings in a Chinese-style theme, as well as this large open area with stairs (that I'm standing at the top of) and a large open area near pagodas and a pond that currently has no water. My dad used to drive me to work before I became an independent adult and there are old Asians that do Tai Chi here before beginning their day.

This is my shitty re-creation of what I saw on those serene and super-cool mornings.It occurs to me that despite mentioning him (and his intense cooking prowess) a few times here and making obvious light of the fact that I made him play photographer for me all day I've never actually shown you guys what Ty looks like.

I guess I'm a bit nervous about it, see the old post I did in reference to this subject.
Oh well.

Blogosphere, meet Ty: He's nice to look at, I know.
He also cooks and is super creative and neat and other stuff.
Expect to see more of him, I guess.

There, now that's over with.Oh right, back to Chinatown.
Here's our one Chinese-themed bridge.
Woot! I'm a huge fan of Chinese dragons.
See how Chinese our Chinatown is? Lanterns and everythin'.

On the way to the Asian market to get dinner essentials we stopped off at Mitchell's Fabrics for ideas on some cute projects he and I have been scheming over. I want a DCB so bad right now.
440 calories and 207 of those from pure grease.
I suddenly feel so vindicated by having soup for dinner.Ty discovers Howard Moon-esque fabric.Oh hai flats! I almost forgot how fucking cute you are.I really want a sewing machine, preferably the variety that come inside a wicked old desk and are rigged for electricity because I have weak ankles and couldn't use that intense foot pedal for long.There's a few years between us and Ty has been partying for much longer than I have but his excitement over this horrible fur is still not vindicated.
He said it reminds him of "old times".
... Oye."They go all the way from deep profound muffin through the angry beige right out there to a very aggressive nutmeg"
Our outings are rife with Boosh quotes.We hit up an Asian market where I discovered all sorts of interesting things like vegetables I never knew existed, guys with flower faces giving intense thumbs-up to dumplings, and parrot fish.
What the fuck is UP with that fish?!?!?

We also bought fun drinks to try and I'm happy to report they were a great success.True story.Oh yeah, I forgot this happened.
I uhm... carried a lychee out in my pocket to try.
It was just one.

Then dinner happened, though not as fancy as we would have liked because we forgot to go to Safeway before it closed.But I still totally approve of Ty making me home-made sushi anyway.

Eugh I have a test right away that I am in no way prepared for; no matter how much I study once the subject has anything to do with science I can't maintain a grasp on it. It's easy shit, just anatomy of the brain, what does what and where, but I've been cramming for the last few days and it's just not sticking.

Thank god I'm at the top of my class anyway, I guess.


Eat a piece of my soul

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Holy fuck guys am I ever exhausted, I almost crashed at lunch while studying and gave up when I couldn't get the energy to write anymore and sat there with my forehead on my desk for ten minutes of Quiet Time before resuming my regularly scheduled programming.

I was really considering taking a nap before class tonight but the last time I did that I slept through my alarm (whoops) and until 10pm by which time class was definitely over and I had definitely skipped by accident (also whoops).

So here I am blogging instead.

Okay seriously.


Saturday night Alyx came over and had a few drinks with me before zomg Matt Good at the Burton Cummings theater.
Her tipsy self couldn't dodge traffic quickly enough so I left her stranded on a median for half of a green light.
I'm a good friend.

Onto Matt Good etc.
I'll try to keep it brief and contain my elation (somewhat).
The people next to us weren't exactly impressed.
Mother Mother (who admittedly I have only heard a few times before and without realizing exactly who they were) completely blew me away. I was extremely impressed considering whoever opened for MG last year was sort of "meh" and Dala who opened for him on his Hospital Music tour
(WOW do I ever sound like an uber-fan right now)
were also sort of "feh", though I give them more leeway because it was an acoustic tour and they're sort of a wishy-washy acoustic girlie band anyway.
Moving on: Mother Mother did not disappoint, and I was quite charmed when at the end of their set the lead singer said something to the effect of
"well thanks for having us Winnipeg, in about 10-15 minutes we'll be in the lobby hopefully making some new friends... and by that I mean signing some cds"
Très cute.
Alyx and I took a quick vodka break in between acts and I have to say that while I still have a massive problem with people who get hammered and go to shows having a couple of drinks really made my experience that must more enjoyable; get yr buzz on I say!

Then this goodness happened and I basically shit my pants with excitement:
He opened with Avalanche and I wasn't expecting it and had to fumble for my phone to call Ty (as promised) so he could hear, and Alyx did the same for Komus because unfortch neither could go to this amazing show due to Vaski happening at Pure.
However distortions thwarted my efforts at niceness.
But I still get an A for effort.

We had seats in the 1st balcony which while being a significant step-up from the 3rd balcony in which I found myself last year at the same venue (that was rough times) resulted in all of the 200+ pictures taken looking sort of same-y.
unless you're me and every single similar photo is a wonderful memory.
Which they are, what a good time.

Oh my heart, it's a rock in the gutter.

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I'm definitely not feeling like myself today.

Generally even if something's annyoing me or getting under my skin I'm good at shrugging it off or cheering myself up without too much effort or ill-effects on other people but today is just... eugh.

I'm grouchy, irritable, difficult, unhappy, my body is sore and I feel really bloated and disgusting and my eyes are almost too sore to be kept open.

It's over nothing in particular, everything's getting under my skin or rubbing me the wrong way or bristling my feathers and all I want to do is lie under a blanket on my couch in my underwear watching episodes of the Boosh until this feeling passes.

The worst part is that I keep unintentionally dragging Ty into it because he's trying super hard to cheer me up and though usually I'd be fine for whatever reason it's just not working and I don't think he quite knows how to handle me which is shitty because neither do I.

This is so frustrating, when can I go back to normal?

This is such a cop-out post.
To tide you over until I'm not feeling like garbage on wheels, here's a wicked vid from Mother Mother, the opening band for Matt Good on Saturday.
I officially have another fav band. Yup.


Hey love crusader I want to be your space invader

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I'm not really a morning person in the least but I'll do my best to suck it up when there's an attractive man waking me to let me know that he got up before me to make an omelette (bleu cheese with tomato and sour cream, as per uge -so tasty) and home made hash browns while I was sleeping.

Last night we went for the most amazing but super expensive sushi that I stupidly didn't take photos of
nor did I document our 12$ martinis
but that's okay
I have the memory of the gyoza, the Super Philly rolls and "eels".

Went out for coffee but realized we were both hungry so we went to Baked Expectations and as per usual I didn't order any dessert from the dessert store.

Instead I got this goodness:
Om nom nom nom.
Picked up some new grandma shades from some random store in the Village; I think it's called Urban Waves but I forget.
I need to straighten my hair.

Oh yeah guess what's happening tonight?!

I can't begin to tell you how massively stoked I am.

My blue jeans is tight

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Presses me into crumpled dark

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I keep swearing I won't blog about him.

I’m beginning to think I should make a secret blog à la Zucket
have more fun over there
be stupid
but I want to be candid on my own little
slice of the internet.

I'm working on it.

things sort of swept together so quickly, one second he wasn’t mine, the next he was and now I’m caught in this wave of emotion and goodness and candid openness like I’ve never known before.

I forgot that boys could have feelings
didn’t know that they could god forbid ever admit to them
that they would want to do things like hold you without you asking
talk about how they felt about situations instead of making you guess
not give silent treatments
and not be hot-and-cold
who would drop you off at your doorstep, not at the gas station across the street
like other boys
“I’m too lazy to turn around”
he’s better than that.

I feel like I’ve been with boys my whole life
and this one is an actual man.
so well rounded
has his shit together
a real career.

I guess I’m still scared to talk about him here
making a real person real in my place in a place that doesn’t really exist when you think about it, really
might somehow jinx it
like maybe I somehow stumbled upon this happy accident
and might let it slip away just as accidentally.

I don’t want to let this slip away.

I've been out of my body with you

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I wouldn’t have said that I believe in ghosts per se.

Naturally when I read ghost stories I would feel the same nervous feelings as most, I would dismiss the stories I heard from friends with a flippant half-interest meant to mask my fascination with these things that, apparently, happened without any explanation.

And of course I didn’t think twice about moving into Roslyn Manor even though everyone told me it was haunted.

I’ve been living in my suite for almost eight months and have always felt safe there; it’s small and cozy and comfortable and more than one person has commented on how homey it feels. Of course sometimes I make myself jump or creep myself out a little bit but I never thought anything of it, I’ve always written it off as being in my head.

Except last night I was lying in bed on my left side, facing the wall, trying to fall asleep. I had my arms up near my chest and was beginning to doze off when I felt movement behind me and the sensation that someone had their arms around me, holding my wrists in their hands with their chest against my back.

At first I thought it was Ty, I lay there with my eyes closed as I was pulled backwards, like when someone squeezes you from behind while you’re spooning, drawing you against them. I could distinctly feel a persons’ chest against my back.

Then the hands around my wrists started to squeeze and the pressure began to tighten and I began to lose feeling in my hands, I was being pulled backwards with my hands being drawn against myself and I opened my eyes in the darkness and said “Ty… Ty… Ty…” to get his attention, and then I realized that he didn’t stay over last night.

I was alone in my apartment.

I began to feel afraid and I closed my eyes and said out loud “you’re scaring me”.

And the hands let go, the pressure stopped.

There was nothing behind me in the bed anymore; I could feel on my skin where the hands were and the faint, receding pressure on my back as though I’d been leaning against something, but it was gone.

And oddly enough, once the feeling came back into my hands and my heart stopped pounding… I felt safe.

I know this sounds crazy, I know it sounds like nonsense or a nightmare but I was completely and totally awake as this happened.

I’ve had Sleep Paralysis, as I mentioned a few posts ago, and this wasn’t the same thing.
Those were nightmares and the pressure on my body was different, that felt more like being too heavy to move, every part of me being weighed down. This was pressure in a different way, I felt something holding me, and only on my wrists and on my back.

And most importantly, I wasn’t frightened. At least not until I realized that it wasn’t Ty, and afterward I felt safer than I did before, whereas with Sleep Paralysis I would be terrified and on the verge of tears, not wanting to go back to sleep because I was scared it would happen again.

I fell asleep immediately after this happened, I dreamt as usual and oddly enough even though I only got about five hours’ sleep I feel extremely well-rested.


I’m not saying it’s a ghost.

I’m not.

But I don’t know what the fuck that was.

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