December 2009

Keep your head up baby

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The other day Ty and I braved post-Christmas malls and cinemas to check out the Terry Gilliam flick " The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus".

I first heard about it when Heath Ledger died, and they mentioned the title of the movie he had been working on, I thought
"oh, that sounds interesting"
and then a few months back when I saw the trailer I thought "that looks completely weird and retarded... I have to see it!". I've always been a sucker for outlandish costumes and ridiculous storylines and effects, and there were all of those to be found here.

Combined with the fact that I wanted to see how Gilliam would manage to work around Ledger's death and incorporate Johnny Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell into the same role, " Brazil" (another Gilliam classic) happens to be one of my favorite movies ever so I was looking forward to seeing more of his work, and I can say that, as with Brazil, I wasn't disappointed.

That being said, the movie did drag a little in certain places and especially in the beginning before Ledger's character was introduced; I'm not sure if Gilliam was attempting to flesh out the story, but it felt unnecessary and dragged-on occasionally.

The plot covers various deals Dr. Parnassus made with the Devil, Mr. Nick (who is fabulously played by Tom Waits), and the bet struck up between them in order to prevent the doctor from handing over his daugter to fullfill a previous agreement.
However, this fact is easily overlooked by Ledger's outstanding last performance and in particular how Depp, Farrell and Law managed to pick up on his character and do accurate and interesting interpretations of him. How they were all worked into the film made sense and actually added to the story rather than detracting from it, and the visual inventiveness is unique and interesting.

While I wouldn't say it's my favorite movie ever I can definitely say with confidence that the entire thing feels exactly like a Gilliam movie should: a visual overload and complete flight of fantasy. That it was credited to "Heath Ledger and friends" definitely tugged at my heartstrings a bit, and though I wasn't sure how I felt about it right away (as has been the case with every Gilliam movie I've seen) I can definitely recommend it, if only to witness Ledger's last performance.


We are living in difficult times

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Hai friends!

It's that lovely week between Christmas and New Years and I'm stuck at the office; just me and some other lady who sits not terribly close to me and no supervisors.

Expect a serious Blog Onslaught.

Not just because it feels like the most efficient way to dick around and get paid but also because this is the first time I've had more than a handful of hours to myself or in front of a computer screen.

Oh, holidays!

So since Christmas was basically filled with family pictures of people you don't care about
(and I haven't gotten around to taking pictures of my fantastic prezzies or Christmas cards)
here's something you do care about:
More VicPa visits!

Ty and I did a bunch of baking to give as gifts to our friends and damned if I was going to let Victoria miss out on that goodness.

All in all it was a successful baking venture; we managed to make cranberry and almond biscotti, chocolate chip cookies, mint chocolate "ravioli" cookies (there's mint chocolate inside pressed dough) and double-chocolate truffles.

So delish.
Ty likes this picture but I'm sort of "meh" on it, I think we both look pretty ridic.

However I'm all about the hand hearts.
See my previous post about Ty's nose-picking theory, I guess.

Sad VicPa Leaving Faces.

She went back to Ottawa yesterday and I miss her terribly, it's sort of funny how you can really miss someone you didn't see for months, then only saw twice, isn't it? Hopefully she'll come home and visit me again soon.

Much love pooper

Ooooooooooooooooh man it's gonna be a long day, guys.


Your love is better than ice cream

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What's Christmas without some ridiculous Holiday Sweaters?

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Big love and hand hearts.

- A.


I used to be free spirited, now I'm just free of sleep

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Okay okay so The Holidays aren't exactly the most under-used excuse but this is the first time I've been at home by myself in probably a week so cut me some slack here.

Tomorrow's Christmas Eve as we all know and ideally (and somewhat ironically) I should have some time to do a much-needed photodump and blog a bit.

VicPa came to visit me on Friday! And she's coming over again tonight!

Life couldn't be any busier or more fulfilling right now guys.

All my best xo

when you live a double-life

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It smells like Mac&Cheese in here and I’m hungry, there’s a pizza place next door calling my name, or rather “2 slices and a pop for 5$”, which is just as distracting.

But tonight I’m going for dinner with my aunt and this morning I had eggs made for me for breakfast so I could take’r easy on the Caloriefest.

Although there’s a Subway up the street and I hear it’s nice outside.

Yesterday I had a burger with bacon and swiss cheese on it; I didn’t even eat half but I was stuffed and felt nauseous drinking coffee later.

Coffee has been upsetting my stomach a lot lately and I don’t know why.

Saturday I woke up and had pancakes and an omelette made for me and it was divine and well-worth feeling bloated and gross for the next hour. The Aunt Jemima Bloats are a small price to pay.

Friday night I didn’t have dinner but ate melba toast and dips and wine with VicPa and Ty and this guy I used to mess around with texted me and said he was thinking about me and what was I up to?

I told him drinking with my boyfriend and one of my besties and he said it was about time I got a boyfriend and I told him it was about time a guy appreciated how awesome I was, yes.

Then he stopped texting me.

I forgot what an asshole he is.

Then a friend of my ex messaged me on the ‘ol FB to tell me that he thought that what my ex did to me was uncool and inappropriate and I deserved better and I told him that I knew that already but I appreciated him letting me know.

Almost two years later and people are still realizing what a clusterfuck that all was.

But now things are better.

I have my cute place and my fab friends and boyfriend and sex on the reg and the Subway I went and bought after writing that 3rd paragraph is super tasty.

So things are definitely pretty stellar.

I stand on painted tape

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One of my favorite things in the entire world is my computer chair from Ikea.

It’s called a “Skrüvsta” which is one of my favorite Ikea Words to say because the ü makes a fun feeling when it rolls off the tongue and puts me in touch with my tough German heritage.

I got it while I was living in Hamilton with my ex, if memory serves I bullied him into buying the chair with the faggy pattern on it instead of the solid black or white because most of our other Ikea furniture was black, and our apartment walls were off-white and I was going crazy.

I can’t live in a space dominated by shades.

I’m a primary-color sort of girl.

And so it came home with us and the Mikael desk and some shoots of bamboo in a glass vase.

My little hollowed-out egg-shaped chair.

It made the journey back to Winnipeg with me after the break-up, I had it shipped back with the rest of the furniture and I felt out of place sitting at a temporary desk and impromptu chair until it arrived.

The first thing I spotted coming out of the moving truck was its weird flower pattern with duckies made out of X’s.

I’ve spent many hours looking out my old bedroom window at my parents’ place from it, and wheeling around my living room in it since.

It’s a ridiculously comfortable place to sit with your legs crossed if you’ve got small bones like me. Especially good for when your toes get cold.

If I ever want to feel petite I just curl up inside the shell of my little round Skrüvsta.

It’s weird to say this about a piece of pre-fab furniture.

But it always feels like home.

Little red corvette

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This picture is a re-creation of what I look like now, at 11:23am on Friday December 18th, 2009.

There is a small piece of loose skin in my left nostril that is driving me crazy and I have been sitting at my desk rubbing various snot-drenched pieces of tissue around up there trying to dislodge it.

I just spent five minutes blankly staring at the Excel spreadsheet I'm working on and attempting to pick my nose through the tissue, but my nails aren't long enough to be effective.

It really hurts and is itchy and makes a weird whistling noise when I exhale.

I really want to pick my nose.

Ty said to me the other day

"people's noses were meant for picking, that's why our fingers fit up there"


"if people didn't pick their noses we probably would have evolved out of needing nostrils this size by now"

and we were drunk at the time, but it actually makes some sense.


Here's the map to my oubliette

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Last weekend marked Alyx's birthday party so you should prep yourself for some ridiculous bullshit, guys.

My darling best friend... with a tutu and a strap-on.
And yet... it makes sense???
she and I spent the whole day shopping and hanging out together and eventually wound up back at her place to meet up with various others and partay.
You bet she took those in rapid succession.
My liver hurts just looking at these. Wow.
Big hearts!
Yay Gordon!!!
Back from Flin Flon, ridic hair and sweet new suit at the ready.
One of my favorite people, to be very sure.
Onwards to Pure where... wow, I'm not even sure.

Seriously though, what's with coat-check bitches and getting all high and mighty on everyone? There was this cokehead-looking chick hanging out in coat check and doing admission/hand stamps and I was like
"I'm on the guest list, I'm Ty's guest" and she looks at me with this look of pure contempt and says "you're not on the list, it's someone else"
Oh, yeah?
How about they got my name wrong, just like they do every time I'm on the guest list? (They always put me as "Shannon", yeesh) so not only do I have to explain this to her in triplicate while she rolls her eyes at me the entire time, she proceeds to cash other people through and ignore me for the next five minutes while all I need is a freakin' stamp on my hand to get out of the entryway and out of people's way.
I guess I should have expected it because the first thing I did after getting inside out of the cold was barge into the coat check/green room area and congratulate Lee on his new baby and give Komus a massive hug and talk for five minutes, but honestly?
Bitches man, I tell you.
Anyway back to the awesome.
I miss this guy when he's not around, you don't even know.
I have this picture up at work and a couple different ladies have come up and commented on how good it/Ty/we look.
Vanity moment much?
My heroes.

Mmmmmmmmmmm Ty's in the kitchen making me good eats and I'm so stoked to consume this amazing dinner (tortellini soup, garlic bread & wine) that I'm almost salivating. This is definitely what a girl could use on a cold winter's night!

Among other things, but we won't talk about that here.


I’ve been a polar bear since the day I was born

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Hello this morning when I spent the first hour and a bit sitting at my desk drinking coffee, writing Christmas cards and texting Komus about Thai prostitutes and mail-order husbands.

Hello Screetus, sorry I didn’t respond to you on FB Chat last night, I was putting up faerie lights in my bedroom.

Hello Polar Bear Song!!!

Hello 2hr lunch hour that I’m taking because I found out through the grapevine that my bosses all decided to leave on a two-hour lunch and not tell anyone so I’m doing the same.

Hello The Known Universe, how do you be so totally epic?

Hello hot man who will be in my kitchen making me tortellini soup with Italian sausage for dinner while I blog about last weekend and listen to Cake.

Hello Christmas cards that I’m mailing out, half of which are going to people who live in the same building which I find amusing.

Hello wasted postage.

Hello President Obama Two-Step.

Hello Almost Weekend, just one more workday.

when my laundry is through I will tumble

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Today's just been one of those days where everything feels perfect; I've been deleriously happy lately and Christmas is coming and I'm getting myself excited thinking of all the things I can do for the people I love and finding it hard to concentrate on my work.

Christmas Break for school starts tonight, thank god, so I have a half-class and then am booking'r home to pick up some Christmas cards (finally), do some intense laundry action, clean the fuck out of my place and put the finishing touches on the gifts for my co-workers.

For a split second there I thought I might be able to swing a night of By Myself Do-Nothing on Friday, but I recieved some fabulous news yeterday:

Victoria is in town for the holidays and coming to visit me!!

You remember this gorgeousness from Old Blog, right?
How could you forget her, let's get serious.

I honestly think there's only one thing that could make today any better:This picture makes my life.


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