March 2010

Up and over it and over them

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There's something really great about re-listening to an album or soundtrack you haven't listened to in a while.
Right now, I'm listening to Sweeney Todd.
Johnny Depp and Alan Rickman are just too awesome
Saturday was really muggy and warm and overcast
(those buildings really aren't very tall...)
so after a walk to Sun Wa Ty and I retreated home and made some home-made pad thai.
$1.50 for a bottle of fish sauce?!
There were many brands to choose from... but obviously I had to get the one with the baby giving a sweet thumb's up.
Also, notice the picture of the baby is on the bottle he's holding, and then onto that bottle, and into infinity?
My mind is sufficiently blown, kids.
Extreme close-up of the best pad thai you'll ever eat.
Making desert!

Pears poached in red wine with vanilla ice cream.
If only you could have smelled how good that red wine sauce smelled... it was divine.

Life is good.

It's above zero outside.
My kitchen window's open and it smells nice and is comfy in here.
Hanging in my living room in my underpants rules.
The best late-night lazy snack ever is:
slices of pepperoni and slices of mozzarella together.

Though I'm going to have to brush my teeth again before bed.

Alligator tears spilled over you

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Ty & I watched The Hurt Locker on Friday night and it was completely and mind-blowingly intense. I jumped up off the couch in shock several times and there were a few instances where we needed to pause the movie so we could gather our bearings and stare at each other in shock.

If you haven't see it, go do it right now.


This Finding A Place thing is harder than I'd anticipated.

Teaming up with a random girl maybe wasn't the bright idea I thought it was; or maybe it's just the girl, I don't know. I thought about replying to some guys' ads kicking around on the interwebz but I'm nervous about living with some creeper?

I'm just starting to feel like I'm the one doing all the leg work finding places and scoping them out and in return I get to hear about what she doesn't like about them and why we can't live there.

Sunday Ty came with me to check out another gorgeous place right near where I live (since she was at work and couldn't come) and he and I both fell in love with it's hugeness, giant living room with two bay windows and wood-burning fireplace, pantry, chalkboard wall and character-suite charm.

Unfortunately I've encountered a roadblock because she doesn't want to wait until May 1st and I'm thinking that a place like this for the price that it is doesn't come around all the time so let's just suck it up for a month and take this sweet place, since it's not like either of us need to leave where we are right this second.

I decided to be on-the-ball and submit my portion of the application so we could get first dibs, and it's in so I just need her (or someone else?) to submit theirs and we're set.

I just want to have this whole thing looked after so I can stop working so hard at it.

I keep getting knots in my stomach.

What should I do?

I aim to break not one but all

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There's a lot of stupid bullshit that's come about on the 'ol FaceBook since it started becoming a clusterfuck of Café World's, Farmville's, Mafia Wars and join-able groups for just about anything.

I didn't think it was possible, but I think it's hit a new low.

Has anyone else seen the group " Looking at your ex and realizing you’ve majorly upgraded"?

Is anyone else bothered by how disgusting and shallow that statement is?

This picture posted was what assured me that nothing but scrotes would feel empowered by joining a group like that:

How terrible is this?
Maybe it's just me, but being vile and cruel about someone you used to share your life with doesn't empower you, it makes you look like a piece of shit.

I think no matter what happens in a relationship, eventually being able to come to terms with what happened between you -thinking about things positively, being respectful towards the other person and learning from it- is a true sign you've moved on to bigger and better things in a constructive and mature way.

Joining a group like this just shows that you aren't over them at all.

The waves go on and on

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Back to Old Blog template because I kept getting complaints that the html-based one I'd had made that I didn't know how to change, which didn't have archives that I didn't know how to add.


So back to Ol' Faithful.

Hope you guys can deal.

Moving on.

A few weeks ago I decided that I wasn't really making any headway financially with my current living situation and started looking for a roommate situation.

I checked out some places and was getting nowhere and found Shauna, my soon-to-be roommate and we've been checking out places together.

We might have found The Place.

I'll keep you posted.

Keep yr fingers crossed for me, guys & dolls.

A modern way of letting go

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In order to avoid talking about some big, big news
which is a big part of the reason I've been blog-less lately
(don't wanna jinx it, babes!)
let's revisit Sunday when

Oh right
We totally won that gold medal in Men's Hockey!

Sry U.S.
well played though
you guys had me genuinely scared for a while there.

But then we won and Ty, Will and I took our already half-cut selves downtown to celebrate.
Street hockey on Portage & Main.
People were still arriving when we left.

Honestly the "party" on Portage & Main was pretty underwhelming; Winnipegers were described in that terrible and pretentious movie as "sleepy" and it's pretty true. We seem to know how to party hard in small groups but fail at a lot of organized events.

Honestly, local stations were talking about a "big party" that was going to happen, and they could have really monopolized on it, people could have set up tents and beergardens and that shit totally would have flown but nobody got their act together and you know I don't have the gonads to organize something of that magnitude.

What to do? Head to The King's Head for moar beer.
We were joined by Dudek, Teri, Alex-Lee, and lots and lots of beer, chicken strips, fries and nachos.This is what the face of Drinking Since 2pm looks like.
Not bad, eh?
Obviously the closing ceremonies were on and we had to sit and judge watch them and I know that we're supposed to be uber-patriotic but couldn't we have found some better artists to represent us?
And why did Avril Lavigne have two songs while everyone else only had one???
How does that work.
You can read about some Adventures of Nickelback here
Do it, it's awesome.
Will hardly ever drinks and managed to keep up and not puke everywhere, I was pretty proud of him!
Oh ps Alex-Lee and Teri are engaged, peep that ring!!
I know, right?!

Congrats guys!

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