March 2010

You came down in your black dress

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70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

Love this video!
How many paintings can you recognize?


Armor me with futile aspirations

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One thing I usually will give to the US is that they have tasty snacks.

One of my co-workers crosses the border On The Regular and usually brings back bags of delicious snacks that usually she either puts out in bowls to share or hands off to one of us.
Today she gave me a bag of Chez Mix: Sour Cream 'n Onion.

I like my snacks to have Oomph. Or at least semblance of taste, and these guys are so bland that they actually leave a bland taste in your mouth. How is that possible? What does bland taste like?

However if you sit and stare at the bag long enough you can find one or two things clearly coated in the flavouring that was supposed to saturate the bag but clearly didn't. And man those are good.

Unfortunately this doesn't redeem the rest of this sad-sack snack.

Oh, and the really pathetic thing is that because it's a bagged snack sitting on my desk I keep finding myself reaching and picking up a mini-pretzel or Chex (Shreddie?) thing without realizing it and my mouth tastes like mildly onion-y cardboard.

These snacks definitely recieve an F-, I'm going to go for a walk and try to pawn them off on some sucker.


I'll do it all if you'll take more

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Chill weekend, money-saving is really challenging when you're used to hemorrhaging money the way that I am on stupid things, but it's always easier when you have someone fun to stay in with.

Friday was the worst day I'd had in a long time, lots of things I couldn't control like my rental agency charging me 75$ for my rent receipt (what?!) were weighing on me and I kept doing stupid, brainless things like trying to brew coffee without adding water, spilling grinds all over the place, and tripping over my own two feet. I was so stressed and needing to not be in my office anymore that I actually wound up bursting into tears and having to hide out in the 3rd floor bathroom for a while. Oops.
Thankfully I had an Art Date evening planned with Ty that involved some delicious, super On The Cheap wine, pizza, and painting pictures of David Duchovny after work, which was basically the only thing keeping me sane all day.
Still using that 5.5mm lens from Gord... look at that depth of field! *swoon*
Art station!
My shitty watercolor... that picture proved to be WAAAAAAY more challenging than I thought it would be, so I sort of powered through it and eventually realized that there was no salvaging it, and went on to paint little koi and a terrible picture of a wizard-cat.

I just realized that I forgot to take a picture of Ty's David Duchovny, whoops.
He also drew/painted me!
I can't decide if I think the sketch really looks like me, what do you guys think? I've never had anyone draw me before, so I'm not sure if the Uncanny Valley feeling is normal or not.

I am really sick of being thwarted every time I try to go to The Lo Pub. I get kickass messages from them on the regular about indie bands and the like that always play there, but something always gets in my way when I try to go.

For example, Saturday after a day that consisted mostly of lying about and watching Steamboy and various episodes of The Boosh, Ty and I wanted to go out. I conveniently recieved a message from Lo Pub saying that Shuyler Jansen was playing, as well as The Warbrides, so I decided that was where we were going... but there wasn't anything on the message about cover. I double-checked the Lo Pub page and it's generally free before 10pm and 5$ after, so it's make sense that that's the cover unless otherwise mentioned, right? So after a big drawn-out situation getting Morley we made our way down there in time for Free Cover... and find out at the door that it's 8$? Well, sorry kids, I'm cheap and not paying 8$ for something that I expected to be free because you didn't advertise properly.

Oh well, I assume our patronage was not missed and was made up for by a the usual gaggle of hipsters that can be found hanging out around there. Thwarted, we picked up some beer and proceeded to get way more loaded than any of us meant to and watched The Boat That Rocked, which I highly recommend.
How is March almost already over, where did it go?

Shut up woman, get on my horse!

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This is just a lesson in procrastination

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Post-shitty day, I step into the elevator in Ty's building to head to his place and am next to a large blonde lady who presses the same floor Ty lives on.

We both ride the elevator together.

We exit, turn in the same direction and as I go to put my key in his lock I turn and see her standing at her door, looking at me.

She's Ty's next-door neighbour.

Ty's bed is against a wall where her living room is on the other side.

She looks at me with disgust and says "can't you two do ANYTHING ELSE?!" and goes inside.

I die laughing.

My day is 100% better now.


Don't leave me where I stand

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Today has been one of the most unbelieveably frustrating and upsetting days I have had in a very long time.
So let's revisit some not-in-order adventures while I try to snap out of it.
Despite it randomly plunging back to -20 yesterday and today
(wtf weather?!)
the earlier portion of the week was beautiful, so Walking Adventures were had!
Ty insists he's only "good looking sometimes".
I disagree.
Oh, hai!
The following pictures basically explain why Ty and I work so well together:
Yup, we rule.

Saturday was (yet another) Wpg Psy party... this one wasn't as unbearable due to the fact that I spent all night cockblocking other women away from both Ty and our really, really good-looking (and newly single!) friend J.
What's with all the hot girls I know being total fucking lunatics?!
Seriously, at one point I was standing next to Ty talking to him, when this totally and certifiably loony girl cuts across the dance floor to us, gives me the dirtiest look ever, and proceeds to step in front of me and put her hand on Ty's arm. I didn't get to hear the dialogue but what I learned later was that she said something like this "I heard you were playing here tonight and I just had to come see you". Uhm... okay? Anyway I decided to exit the situation because standing idly by while she blatantly hit on my bf isn't really my style, he's not going anywhere so I don't need to assert myself, I got to hear all about the awkwardness from him later. The best part? Reegan's reaction when I told him I walked away was something like "you left him alone with her? Why would you do that to him?!"
Full drink, bag of coffee grinds and sealed full box of Ferrero Rocher's that you had better believe Morley and I had our hawk-eyes on all night.
They were literally there from about 11pm until the bar closed at 2:30am... wtf?!
Things get ridiculous during tear-down.
Wow these are WAY out of order, this is from Tuesday night when drinks, calimari and the worst yam fries ever were consumed by Gord, Foosh, Alyx and myself.
Gord's letting me use his new 5 mm 1.8 lens which I am totally creaming my pants over; I'm still getting used to using it's no-zoom ways though so bear with me.
This is basically how I feel about life right now.


Love was such an easy game to play

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Is it weird that just knowing that it's damp and dreary out makes me feel Blah?

Not bad-mood Blah, just indifferent Blah and bored Blah.
Part of me randomly wants to be outside in the shitty weather; overcast days without snow are something I've missed, maybe I'll get to use my umbrella for the first time?!

Work is dragging more than usual, what's up with this week for dragging its' heels and taking forever to be over?

Game plan for tonight:

I've got a sweet visit with Grandma S. planned.

Then possibly drinks with Gord and I think Alyx as well.

And then what I look forward to most: playing some Super Mario RPG for the SNES and having a grilled tomato & cheese sandwich. Yum.


Eating cheese on toast

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Last night I had a dream I was having an affair with Chris Noth in a big, gilded apartment with ornate gold carvings and furniture everywhere; Alyx was there and trying to print off massive posters for Wicked! with the lyrics on them and pictures of the cast, and I was mad because she was cramping my style.

The thing that bugs me the most about this is because of this dream I can no longer deny that I have a thing for Chris Noth.

I'm not sure why. He's definitely handsome and suave-looking, but really looks like a big 'ol piece of shit most of the time and is considerably older than I am and really doesn't come off as being terribly nice (even in his interview I watched recently with Strombo), so what gives?

Maybe it's because I used to crush on him when I was home sick from school, lying on the couch watching repeats of Law & Order.
Mmmmm yeah, that's probably it.



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Blog soon.

For now, enjoy this goodness.


Feel the breeze

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This is me today.

Except less with my face covered in coke, more the sour sneer on my face.

It's on of those days where you can't really cheer up no matter what.

This is mostly due to the fact that the saga of New Living Accomidations seems never ending; Roommate mentioned in a previous post fucked off on me at the last minute yesterday.

Turns out while I was busting my ass to find us a place, she was spending her time finding herself a place. Nice gal.

Not wanting to give up Beautiful Apartment I get the fun task of interviewing people and picking who I like best; this situation plays on my feelings of grandeur but is detrimental in the sense that I am lazy.

Okay, not Lazy. Just sick of doing the leg work and wishing the situation would just get resolved already.

The printer, which sits right next to me, keeps stopping-and-starting, stopping-and-starting, stopping-and-starting and it shouldn't bother me but it does.

How many single pages does someone need that they've been printing like this for over an hour?

I want to knock it over or throw it across the room.

See what I mean?


Hopefully my date with the gym after work will help me clear my head.

Cross-trainer, here I come.

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