December 2012

Here's to 2012

- by admin

the year I started reading bukowski. the year I saw the mountains and then camped in 'em. the year I went to the festival du voyageur for the first time as an adult and learned that drinking makes standing outside in the winter a lot better. the year that I learned what kind of job I never, ever want to have. the year we saw father's day. the year I rode my bike for 20km erry day all summer. the year I got hit by a car while on my bike (eek). the year the lo pub died. the year where I watched the big lebowski for the first time. the year my friend made a music video which we were all in. the year of Cenquist Day.the year of secrethandshake's 2nd birthday. the year of the tupac hologram. the year I saw smoky tiger twice. the year I went to my first folk fest. the year I tried dim sum for the first time.

& lots more. but you knew that.

almost time for 2013 omg.

bring it on

Hip Hop Sunday #58 Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

- by admin

three things you should know about this post

I chose this video after coming across this monstrosity and felt the only reasonable thing to do would be to post one of the quintessential hiphop tracks after abusing my ears like that

I was also tempted to post this

and the premise of dangerous minds sounds like the worst thing ever.

happy hiphop sunday.

no hot water dilemma

- by admin

keep running the water and hope it gets hot

turn off water & try again later

keeping fingers crossed


text caretaker about the problem

run the water like he'll tell me to


feel like an ass when the water finally gets hot

just like I did last time.


girl puking in the IKEA bathroom

- by admin

you were in front of me in a line ten people deep ahead of us and at least the same behind
I was on twitter and not paying attention to you until you broke from the line and pushed past the women ahead of us
saying "excuse me excuse me"
someone said "wtf"
and then you started throwing up in the garbage can
and lots of people got looks on their faces like
and a bunch of them left the bathroom line
without asking if you were okay
so I moved up six people, closer to where you were
throwing up
and I said "hey are you okay? do you need me to get someone"
you kept puking
people kept going into the bathroom stalls when it was their turn
ignoring you
I said
"seriously are you ok?"
you kept puking and coughing
I was second in line and goddamn it
you were going to get to use my stall if no one else would give you theirs
so I said "look do you want to take my stall? I'm one away"
and you nodded your head and I caught the eye of the chick in line in front of me
she said to you "hey take mine"
and you did
she went after you and I went after that
peeing and washing my hands and thinking
wtf is wrong with people these days.

was reading bukowski while getting my hair did

- by admin

and my stylist, mason from hunter and gun who is a genius with hair was all 'omg you're reading bukowski I love him" and I was all "I've never read any of his stuff before, ham on rye is my first go at his stuff" and all through my dye job and trim he was all

omg omg omg bukowski omg

he said bukowski is one of his favs and that when I'm finished reading Ham On Rye I'll feel shitty and awful and hate people, which is what a good book should do.

my mum asked for 50 shades of grey for christmas and I was embarrassed for her. she said that she asked for it because it's 'all people talk about' and I was all

mom just because people talk about it doesn't make it good

and she was all 'but I don't want to read a tough book I want to read a book where I can be brainless and shut off for a while'

and that made me feel sad because I don't think that's what books are for, or are should be

in one of my classes we read a book called amusing ourselves to death by neil postman and I highly recommend it

it talks about the impact of tv and how television is changing media and basically ruining literary societies

which I agree with

it was written in the 80's but is still totally applicable now, which is scary

reading it made me feel shitty and awful and hate people

which is why I'm stoked to keep reading this bukowski.

walked to the store in our pyjamas

- by admin

one of the perks of not living in the suburbs is that nobody gives an f if you walk to the corner store with yr hair tossed up into a scraggly bun with huge sunglasses on and pyjamas tucked into fake uggs (mom bought 'em for me). generally I try to shy away from slummin' it and not putting any effort into my appearance but it's the day after boxing day and I haven't even had my coffee yet so what can you really expect from me at this hour?

I'm only awake because the cat needed us to freshen up his food and while I was doing a good job of sleeping through his incessant BWEOWBWEOWBWEOWing Tyrone is a much gentler soul and got up to spoil the cat and in the process my dreams of boxing day shopping and busting some kid for breaking a statue in Desart and also some sort of pirate-related adventure (?) were interrupted by Tyrone cooing at the cat, who has been mad at us because christmastime is different than normal time and he doesn't like it.

my back is killing me from sitting on these terribly uncomfortable ottomans at my nan's on christmas which is how I know I'm getting old and all those times I scold myself pull your shoulders back! are actually having an impact because now I can't sit hunched over for hours on end.

it's not that I'm cranky, per se.

I just need coffee which hasn't brewed yet.

I should probably get on that.


Merry Christmas from Tyrone & I, to you

- by admin


Merry (almost) Christmas from Canada

- by admin

only 30 more mins till xmas

you guys stoked?

it's nearly christmas eve and yr grl is drunk

- by admin

kinda sorta, the kind that comes from a potluck and drinkd with friends before the inevitable family onslaught of the holidays.

does anyone drunk blog anymore? does anyone admit it?

this is a drunk blog.

brpught to you by potato vodka and leftover chinese food and cards against humanity and phyllo pastry and

lots of hugs

which is why a lot of people drink, I think. it hits us right in the feels.

when i first started dating tyrone he was all, liston to war on drugs by bnl

it's the saddest song evs and it moves me and it'll move you

and my cynical self did, but not like i should have

not actually sat down and listened

but years later, after being together forevs. after multiple listens after fights and sad times and stresses

he's right

it's powerful stuff

and it's hard to say why it means anything at all

which is what makes it worth a damn

esp around xmas.

when everything means the most

friends and family and good health and all that shit

and even though lots of cynics make fun of xmas as made up and stupid and irrelevant

which it may be, or isn't

it's nice to remember who we love

don't you think?

so let's give a salute or a hug or a smile

drunk or sober or in-between

espexially drunk

ILU. merry alomst xmas.

one of my favourite things about the holidays

- by admin

is the annual christmas song from the killers

who I like during the rest of the year, but love around xmas time because let's face it most christmas songs suck and are so overplayed at the mall and on the radio and at yr grandma's house that come boxing day if you hear 'white christmas' you might have a clark griswold-style freak out in front of yr whole family

up until now my longtime fav has been happy birthday guadalupe for reasons still unknown even to myself but their new masterpiece is way more 80's which I like and ridiculous which of course I like and over the top which just makes it all perfect.

plus it's catchy as fuck. wow.

admittedly I heard this a few weeks ago but forgot about it until now when I put on my 2012 xmas playlist and tossed on the 'ol fireplace app to wrap presents I realized

omg I haven't talked about how awesome this song/video is

so here ya go, I'm off to have a morning rum & eggnog.

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