Missed Hip Hop Sunday because it was hot

and I was drinking sacawine and mojitos left over from Folk Fest and BBQing like a mofo and seeing a Fringe play and otherwise out and about enjoying the fact that it was +40 and not -40

which it was for a lot of 2014, which sucked.

To make up for it here's a super cool vid/song from The Zolas who I may have blogged about before but whatever

sometimes you gotta reshare what's good, y'know?

Yeah, you know.


Friday we rocked out with Rokk Stark aka Adam for his bday at Yellow Dog where I had a really lame pizza

(but it only cost $12 plus a pint I can't really complain, I guess)

and then at the King's Head where pints and laughs and good times were had

and yr girl passed out around 1am because we had to run Colour Me Rad the next day


(which I still woke up late to do, but whatever)

which was Rad As Hell mostly because John, Amber and I spent the entire time cackling and goofing off and being ridiculous

as per usual

afterwards we inhaled huge burritos from Burrito Del Rio which aren't pictured because I was too busy stuffing it into my starving face.


Later that night we hit up the Fringe hard and checked out Chase and Stacey's Joyride which I can't recommend enough

and also No Tweed Too Tight: Another Grant Canyon Mystery which we saw last night

which was on the 2nd floor of The King's Head which was perfect because you could order food n pints before the show

(which we did, of course)

and was absolutely hilarious. Usually yr girl is wary of one-man shows but it was just too perfect.

Even when he had to kick that super drunk lady out of the venue because she wouldn't stfu

oh and then that other person's phone kept ringing??

because apparently peeps don't know how to watch a show these days.

except me who sat and drank my beer and laughed like a mofo and held hands and smiled

because life is divine.

Deal with it.