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some days I don't feel like blogging

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nothing I have to say feels witty enough, smart enough, relevant enough to type out and hit 'publish' and be proud of the next day.

maybe my problem is that I care if I'm proud of what I say later. should I be?

tyrone messaged me this morning and said "I've been reading your blog, you've been sad lately" and though I was in a good mood at the time it made me sad because is that really what I sound like? fuck. I'm sorry, guys.

I think I need a vacation, which isn't happening anytime soon because school starts in omg like two weeks so there's no time or money available for such frivolousness. and yes I know I just came back from BC and Connect and festivals but I mean a vacation. far away. somewhere I can relax and bit and not stress and chill the fuck out for the first time in what feels like years.

don't get me wrong I'm happy with life and my friends and tyrone and blah blah but sometimes you don't realize how stressed out you are until someone else has to point it out and them boom it all lands on your shoulders like a huge weight and of course you're at work when it happens so you have to push through the whole afternoon feeling like junk.

of course.

so let's just pretend everything I said above was cute hilarious banter about the video of the hovercraft video.

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