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what happened to you, America?

- by admin

how did you let people like this have a hand in running your country?

if Rick Perry replaced

"gays in the military"
"Blacks in the military"
"Jews in the military"

people would cry bloody murder
and not let him get away with it



here we are

when someone who is
a serious contender for the presidency of the United States

is spewing hate speech that normally would get you

expelled from school
beaten up
even killed

as part of his campaign?

I repeat:

what the hell happened to you, America?

sometimes it's hard to get out of bed in the morning

- by admin

maybe you have a meeting you don't want to sit through

or a review with your boss that you aren't looking forward to having

it might be really dark & cold outside and you bed is the only warm place in your whole house

you might be heartbroken and the only option is to hide from it

maybe you ran out of coffee yesterday

or have a report you didn't write that's due

you might be over-tired



or depressed

but just remember

even after destroying any (very) slim chance he might have had at winning the GOP presidential nomination

Rick Perry still has to get out of bed in the morning

so suck it up.


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