May 2012

Dan Harmon is no longer the showrunner for Community

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which is my favourite show.

yeah sure Game of Thrones is epic and Mad Men is dramatic and Breaking Bad has some of the best cliffhangers ever, but Community manages to be fresh and real and interesting every damn episode and particularly the 3rd season which has the episode with the multiple storylines, the two-part pillow fort vs blanket fort episode, an Law & Order spoof episode and the one where it's all in a videogame.

it's funny and quirky and weird and so meta has some of the best writing I've ever heard in a tv show. which for some reason means that NBC decided not only to move it to a Friday slot where it will most likely get cancelled because Friday nights are where tv shows go to die but they've also replaced Dan Harmon, the creator of the show, for reasons that even Harmon himself doesn't understand.

Community has a huge cult following, it's original and creative television and there isn't anything else like it and right as the show is gaining momentum the network is pulling the plug and for what?

so other fine NBC programs like the following can have more airtime:

The Celebrity Apprentice
America's Got Talent
The Biggest Loser
Fashion Star
Who Do You Think You Are?
Off Their Rockers

why is it that shows like Arrested Development and Community have to bite and claw to stay on the air (and we all know what happened to Arrested Development, another fantastic show) while trash like Jersey Shore and Toddlers and Tiaras are given prime-time slots and pushed down our throats?

what does this say about our society that 'popular television' isn't shows where clear thought, time and love have gone into writing and producing each episode, but rather glamourize addiction, pressure to be thin, or lunatic mothers who think dressing their little girls up to look like prostitutes? what is wrong with us?

what happened to Dan Harmon, and is happening to Community, is just another example of how stupid and ignorant people in our society are becoming. that we'd rather watch fat people try to lose weight than a show that makes us think, laugh and feel something.

so in summation, FUCK YOU NBC. you've officially destroyed a wonderful program that nobody but your corporate executives wanted to see go away.

take a long walk off a short pier, you ignorant jerkoffs.

Tonight I have a dinner & golf date with this smoke show

- by admin

 and you're not invited because it's a private affair.

howevere there's all this ish happening tonight, so gtfo

Kickin' Kareoke! Ladies Night
9:00 PM
L.A. Roadhouse

KEN Mode w/ Electro Quarterstaff, The
The Lo Pub

Thursday night Jam with Tim Butler
9:00 PM
Highway 75 Blues & Sports Bar

James Cohen & The Prairie Roots Rockers CD Release
Venue: Pyramid Cabaret

J. Riley Hill w/ Slow
Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club

Catie St. Germain
8:00 PM
Palomino Club

Urban Street Funk Band
9:00 PM
Shannon's Irish Pub

Phillippe Meunier
8:00 PM
Resto Gare

Glen Chattan
8:00 PM
Pop Soda's Coffeehouse & Gallery

The Keith Price Trio
8:00 PM
Mona Lisa Ristorante Italiano

Mary Jane Stole My Girl w/ The Unbelievable Bargains, Greg Arcade & the
8:00 PM

Blues Jam with Tim Butler
9:00 PM
Highway 75 Blues & Sports Bar

Bubba B the MC Party Rocker Presents: The Annual Step into Love Summer Old School Jam
6:30 PM
Brooklynn's Bistro & BOA Lounge

Does this mean I can travel there on the cheap?

- by admin

'Cause I hear Reykjavík is quite the party town.


sometimes I think the world is effed

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there's so much needless hate and anger

people killing each other over nothing

fighting because they can't get over themselves

or won't just try and get along

hating on gays, lesbians, blacks, whites, asians, suburbanites, urbanites, europeans, americans and yes even some canadians

(though certain ones deserve it)

forgetting that really we're all part of one big world


just like Prof. Yakko Warner explained to us when we were kids


Don't mind me

- by admin


Tonight Detroit comes to Winnipeg

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which is amazing to say the least, because Movement is a MASSIF festival which will blow your mind should you go, which I haven't but Alex-lee has and he says it will change your life so, go.

but if you can't, and you're in Winnipeg, which I am, come to this show

I'll be there, dancing my face off and live tweeting the event and taking photos of our lovely MEME fans the whole night.

there's seriously no cooler place to be tonight, ffs.


Tyrone's mom told me

- by admin

that photo Kat took of you is ALL ABOUT YOUR BOOBS

she's right


Hip Hop Sunday # 38 Beastie Boys - Sabotage

- by admin

it's only fitting

RIP Adam Yauch, you fine bastard

hope you had a good Hip Hop Sunday


Winnipeg Wine Festival Friday Night

- by admin

the Winnipeg Wine Festival is one of the highlights of my social calendar year because I get to dress up with my friends and go drink wine I couldn't otherwise afford and nibble at bread and wear heels for too many hours and share a lovely evening with people I love.

Tyrone brought out his special Professor Plum look for the occasion and I wore a navy dress covered in gold lace which didn't look nearly as much like a giant doily as I had originally anticipated so I knew we were off to a good start. it took me over an hour to curl my hair like that so I hope you guys who saw me appreciated the tremendous effort it took, particularly after I had to bike home in terrible wind and was in rough shape when I got home. I clean up for you.

the first vineyard we tried wasn't very good but they gave us stickers which we proceeded to try and pawn off on each other because in truth none of us hearted the wine that much, to be honest. instead we fell in love with Australian mead and rose port and splurged on a delicious antipasto tray halfway through (though next time we're going to be wily and cheap like the ladies we saw, and bring cubes of cheese in ziplock bags... maybe).

4sq told me early on that Rebecca Horan aka Fashion Flirt was also present and we spent most of the evening trying to find one another without totally abandoning our groups and eventually met up (near the port table, of course) IRL for the first time. When Winnipeg Bloggers Collide, woah! And btw yes she's just as lovely face to face as her photos make her seem. Yowza.

eventually we made it home where more wine, port and a couple'a pizzuh's were consumed before Tyrone got sleepy and I had to "kick everyone out" as Jason put it so we could go to bed in time to ride these bad boys to brunch:

which was had at The Falafel Place with lovely friends in a fansastic corner booth where we talked about internet startups, nail polish, The Weakerthans, durans, stinky fish, cross-dressing, pig's ears and lots of other stuff while I inhaled this plate of heavenly hangover food:


when I was little I had a different dream job

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I didn't want to be a Communicating Person or Social Media Queen or Community Manager or a Blogger or a Social Media Coordinator or anything else like that

I wanted to be a golfing farmer.

I basically grew up on Kildonan golf course and obviously was into golfing when I was younger, which was somewhat spoiled by the fact that when I was 10 years old my dad took my two younger brothers and I golfing and my middle brother hit me in the stomach with his club by accident and I got very sick and threw up all night

we had had chicken wings for dinner that night and for nearly a decade I couldn't eat chicken wings because the taste reminded me of throwing up

and I also stopped golfing.

it's funny how that works, my dad says, that teenage kids get 'too cool' to golf and then once everyone graduates highschool and starts to actually grow up and stop being 'too cool' for everything, golf becomes something that a lot of people get into.

but not me.

I'm not sure why, maybe it was the golfclub to the stomach incident which was lingering with me or the fear that I'd be terrible or laziness or a combination of all three but I found out that my work does an annual golf trip every summer and decided there was no time like the present to start hitting the fairways

(at least I remember the terminology)

so this evening I spent some quality time with my amazing dad and he took me out to one of the public 9-hole courses, Crescent Drive, to go whack some balls around and see if I was still any good

which it turns out I am.

after flailing about on the first two holes we caught up to a group of teenage guys who my dad dubbed the "weekend warriors" who clearly had seen me sucking on the previous holes and decided to be 'gentlemen' and let us play through them because obviously they wanted to see how badly I would do because, honestly, I was doing pretty badly. so I lined up and pushed my hair out of my face and kept my eye on the ball and whacked that sucker over 150 yards.


turns out I don't totally suck at golfing, after all.

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