September 2012

goodbye september

- by admin

it's been a slice.

I'll look back on you fondly and think about

fall leaves
mitt romney gaffes
mojitos with friends
finding evidence of water on mars
1am greasy pizza
quitting my awful job
gangnam style
kate middleton's epic boobies
NFL freak-outs
nuit blanche wpg (more on that later)
the iphone 5 omg
quitting my awful job
lots of bike rides
the OWS anniversary
pumpkin spice lattes
wool jackets
and lazy videogame sundays.

so long

(and thanks for all the fish)

Hip Hop Sunday #49 The Caravan - Words That Make You Feel Good

- by admin

woke up this morning on the other side of the bed which was weird

TIL my side is better, even tyrone thinks so

which is oddly comforting

it's all about the small things in life, people

like Hip Hop Sundays.



yesterday wasn't nicole's birthday

- by admin

even though for some reason I thought it was now I'm even more charmed that she had us fools and a few cool people over to her place last night to drink beer and make and eat perogies together

before that started though yr hero managed to send cracker flying after I tried to spread cheese on a cracker that clearly wasn't meant for spreading. whoops. I also dropped bruschetta all over myself but I wasn't the only one.

eventually everyone started making perogies but I didn't because I learned my lesson from the cracker incident earlier and just hung back and chatted with some ladies including the lovely vanessa instead.

later on in the eve I had a lager that didn't agree with my tummy (it might have also been the copious amounts of food we ate. maybe). and got the tireds, so we left.

and snuggled together all the way home.

big thanks to our lovely friend for having us <3

omg it's friday

- by admin

had dreams about getting shot to Connect in a huge cannon like I'm in an RPG and it was hella cool. slept in a bit and it was glorious. made a super-healthy lunch. love eating well. it's sunny and a perfect fall day. went for a walk in The Village on my lunch. bought some christmas presents for tyrone. I hope he likes them. tonight's nicole's bday and she's having a perogy party and a potluck. we made amazing sliders. super excited. boss wants to go for a coffee break, our second one today. very relaxed friday. loving it.

always remember:


elusive waffle truck

- by admin

is elusive no more.


omg Obama's leading in polls in key states

- by admin

Ohio: Obama 53%, Romney 43%

Florida: Obama 53%, Romney 44%

Pennsylvania: Obama 54%, Romney 42%

according to a recent poll


this deserves a fist bump


trust is a funny thing

- by admin

because you don't understand how important it is and the implications trusting someone has on yr relationship with them until you don't have it anymore. then all that's left is doubt.

because it doesn't matter if that person is a wonderful, funny, and caring person besides that one fuckup. what matters is that they betrayed yr trust that one time. and it only takes one time.

because then you feel like an asshole for keeping all their secrets. all the bad things they've done or said or private things they don't want spread around and asked you to keep quiet. why bother if you can't be extended the same courtesy?

because, oh yeah, you're a better person than that.

because you know how much it would hurt them if you spilled the beans about something you knew they wanted to be kept quiet. irrelevant of how big or small the news, you knew it wasn't your news to tell.

because their business and your business, unless you choose to share it with someone else, is nobody else's business.

because we're supposed to be friends, god damn it.

because I thought you were better than that.

because I made the mistake of trusting you.

because now I can't anymore.

did I mention yesterday was Kat's birthday?

- by admin

even though she keeps reminding me that she's older than I am which is technically true because she's born two months before me, we're actually the same age and one day when we're old I'm going to constantly remind her that she's 'technically' older than me. which means she'll be an old lady before me which is okay.

a few months ago I had to get my passport stuff and she's one of my character references and we both realized that we've known each other for basically a decade which is really sad because nobody should have to put up with my shenanigans. sometimes we bring it up just to marvel that we actually have some sort of history together even though we're only twentysomethings but also because she and I actually weren't friends for a really long time.

the first time I met her we were 15 or so and at the same high school and she was showing some people some drawings she'd done which were actually really good but what pissed me off was that she was saying "these are some drawings I've done, aren't they good?" and I was all "bitch please, get over yourself" and we had beef for a long time afterward because 1. we're actually really alike and 2. because I thought she was a snob and she thought I was a bitch (the latter of which is probs true).

recently we were talking and I mentioned this whole scenario and -oh yeah, did I mention that kat's actually from Old Country aka The Ukraine and has the cutest accent? it's important because I was all

yeah I really thought you were full of yourself

and she was all

I didn't speak any english and was trying to make friends

which made me feel like the worst friend ever for not realizing that, duh, she was just trying to fit in and I was a mean teenager (though I already knew that last part).

I've managed to grow up into an okay person but kat has grown up into this really sweet, caring and amazing person that I feel really lucky to have in my life. in fact she's probably one of the nicest people I know.

so happy (belated) birthday, bb. love you lots

There are a lot of times that people bullshit in this world

- by admin

this isn't one of them.

this is probably one of the most raw, emotional and moving things I've ever seen.

do yourself a favor and watch it.



In case you were wondering about that Pint of Justice shoot from the wee

- by admin

here's a teaser image that may not be as funny to all of you as it is to some of us

but @adriantrimble looks awesome nevertheless

so I needed to share

back to prepping for Pecha Kucha

which is only two nights away omg omg.

(photo courtesy of @cenquist's twitter feed, wicked photography & editing by @benquist)

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