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got lost on the bus today

- by admin

okay well not really.

I had an appt this morn which meant I couldn't take the usual 180 express bus I usually take to work if I'm not biking because I learned today it only runs during peak traffic hours.

which would have been okay but only 1 other bus goes to where I work and that was three very confusing bus rides/transfers away.

which basically left yr grl stranded at the corner of pembina & bishop grandin because the 51 I needed to catch to go catch my 78 was early and I couldn't run across the highway & through traffic fast enough.

now I'm at work and I have to stay late and my legs hurt and I'm tired & cranky but none of that really matters anymore because I have a coffee and a slice of leftover pizza and this video of Rickyisms from one of my fav shows.

so I'm gonna make like a tree and fuck off.


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