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MEME released a new promo vid today

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and though you guys all know I'm the social media coordinator for one of the best festivals on the Prairies

and though I try not to brag (too much) about how great MEME really is

I needed to share our brand-spakin' new promo vid with you guys, because watching it gets me so excited for this coming summer

we're got some great acts booked, like
John Tejada
Adham Shaikh
Pablo Bolivar

and possibly the coolest venue in town, the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

and yes, yes, I know it's the middle of January and June seems like a million miles away, but there's nothing like anticipating all the fun you'll be having over the summer to warm your spirit, right?

I'm going a bit crazy right now thinking about how insane things are going to be once we shift into full-on Festivel Prep Mode. Omg.

seriously guys, this year's MEME is going to be ridiculous.

ps: make sure to follow us at @memefestival also ;)

at first glance I thought this chick was me

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but I can't speak Japanese


Every night is an adventure

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even though I obviously don't remember all of my dreams, I always feel like I wake up remembering a significant portion of part of a dream story (regaling poor Tyrone with my weird dream-stories in the morning is one of my favourite things to do :))

that's why I was happy to find this cool vid on Tumblr today:

I've actually been creeping on this dude's youtube channel for the last little while. I love videos that teach me things.

this has felt like the longest week ever (again). being in school and working has a weird way of sucking up all your free time & energy and leaving you wondering where it all went. tonight Tyrone and I are going on a dinner & movie date and we're seeing this and I am excited.

going to go on a coffee run in a bit I think. I've been manning the reception at my office and wearing a scarf from Rome that my Grandma gave to me and some 50s station is playing in the background, so I'm feeling positively retro today. busy weekend full of fun activities but what else is new?

this is how I feel right now :)


Hip Hop Sunday #14 - Chilly Gonzales - Party In My Mind

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this is probably the strangest video I've posted to Hip Hop Sunday to date

Chilly Gonzales is weird and I like that

and he's really, really good

also here is a video of him performing my other fav song 'Supervillain Music' with an orchestra. yeah.

happy Hip Hop Sunday



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