September 2009

This thing that breaks my heart

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'Sup Bloggity?

I've missed you lots but I've been tired as hell and mad busy being in school every night this week so far (get used to it) and I still have to do some reading for Psych tomorrow night before bed.

In fact the only reason I'm not lying in bed with my Psych stuff right this second is because somehow I got a nasty glass sliver in my foot so I'm soaking my foot in a tub of salt water hoping it comes out in the next little while. Ouch!

I've been re-reading The Time Traveler's Wife; I'd lend it to Grandma S. but it wasn't her style and with all the movie hype happening I figured before I gawked at Eric Banas' sexy mug on the silver screen I should re-visit the only romance novel I really enjoyed.

Partypartyparty this weekend, supes busy but I'll find time for you Blog, I promise.

Because I love you.

Just not enough to sit here with my foot in cold salt water anymore while writing, yuck.

I'm a signature rapper

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Here's a dose of Awesome for you, followed by a dose of Retard.


And now.

***** says:
yea sure
i realized telling you i think you were kinda depressing very likely could insult you
i did it for a few reasons
mainly because based on things you had told me in the past and the way you acted, i suspected that once you got over your initial disgust maybe we could have a good old fashioned head-banging which is somethign kinda nice i have not done in a while
furthermore, i figured if it flopped i wouldnt land too far from where i was currently anyway
so emotions run high
things get heated, but in the end you feel the high that is the human condition,
it might not make any sense

Alys- RIP Patrick Swayze, I will miss your Dirty Dancing says:
so wait a second
you figured that if you insulted me... we could debate it?

***** says:
in a way, yes.

Alys- RIP Patrick Swayze, I will miss your Dirty Dancing says:
okay so you ARE retarded


God damn it Kanyé

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I smell an internet meme!

Oh 4chan.


Taking blood and making art

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Today was big for a number of reasons.

We lost my favorite Dirty Dancer, Patrick Swayze to the Big C aka pancreatic cancer. I've never seen Ghost (whoops) but my mom used to make me watch Whoopi all the time with her and he made it a bit easier to bear.

Terrorist Osama Bin Laden left a message for President Obama on Obama's Islamist website.

We discovered a snake with feet in China. The woman discovered it "clinging to her bedroom walls with its talons", which immediately makes me want to make sure my windows are shut at night.

Megan Fox proves she is still hot as shit even while forced to wear a bag on her head.

And in an anti-climax...

I started night school today. Four nights a week till January, then one class twice a week till June which totals three classes and ideally a high enough GPA to get into the university of my choice.

Which means today is the first day on my path to a better education, doing something I love, expanding my horizons and moving the fuck out of here. Hells yes.

Keep yr fingers crossed for me guys, it's gonna be a busy year.

Spitting on the front row

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Last night I enjoyed the pleasure of Kats company in the form of some glasses of wine before going to Winnipeg Psys' first Progressive Nights show.
My coolness, as evidenced by my hot pink slippers.
Yea yea.
Also, do you not LOVE those tights?
New venue: Room 720 on Corydon (formerly King Kong?).
Loved it.
Extremely intimate setting, maybe 100 people there in total? Such a good crowd.
I was a big fan of the lights.

Men-friends managing the overhead displays.

God Patty you are soooooooo pregnant!

We party till the lights come up.

Maddi is a perfect example that hairstylists and tattoo artists always have the craziest hair, I couldn't ever imagine getting anything like that and walking into my office!

I was pretty jeals of Tyrones' minimal scarf, I should rock mine more often.

3:30am... SO ready for bedsies.


What were you thinking?

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Fun fact: Grandma S. hates Ellen.

Coincidentally, I happen to hate this song.

But how can you hate both when there's synchronized dancing involved?


It's all I know, this empty road

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Oh my god.
Scott are the commercials over there all this badass???


Gefährlich ist wer schmerzen kennt

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Went to see Inglorious Basterds with Cerezo last night for the second time and since if you know what’s good for you you’ve already seen it (unless you’re Mike) and you don’t need me to tell you what a great example of Tarantino filmmaking it is.

Or maybe you do?

In either case, Hans Landa might be one of my favorite characters ever.

So smooth-talking, so ridiculous.

Loves it!

It has also inspired me to start learning my other heritage-language: German. (Mom’s from Britain and I already speak English so that’s a moot point)

I already speak French and I can see some similarities between all three in certain parts but maybe it’s my extreme exhaustion slash need for a nap but the only thing I can recall that isn’t an introductory sentence is

Ich warte im Flughafen.

I’m waiting in the airport.

Fuck, I wish I was in der bar instead.

I'd watch you with my thumb above the button

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Today I went to go check out the Busblog on its actual url instead of being lazy through my Google Reader at work and got scared because one of those “Government Blocking Access” notices popped up and I was worried I couldn’t read the Busblog in its true form from my desk anymore.

In a panic, I refreshed.

And there it was in all its glory.

So I put on some Josh Ritter and all was right in the world.

PS Is anyone else going to watch the Obama Speech on Health Care tonight?

Should be interesting.

Things were good when we were young

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Dear America,

I don't understand you.

I feel like maybe we were once friends, or at least on our way to getting to know each other, and every time I start to think I've begun to get to know you a bit you do something that totally shocks me and makes me think I didn't know you at all.

Maybe it's because I'm not from your country that I don't understand why you guys don't want universal health care. It must be, because for me being able to visit a doctor when I'm sick or go to the emergency room when something bad happens and not have to worry about how much it's going to cost me is what I consider to be a fundamental right.

I've always believed that everyone has a fundamental right to have free access to medical treatment, and I don't understand, America, why so many of your people are so scared of letting the government into the health care system.

It's like you see the government as a Big Brother like figure, someone that's just imposed over you, controlling, and forget instead that it's actually made up of hundreds of individual people with thoughts and feelings and, yes, agendas. But still people.

Some of which really seem to care about you, like President Obama. Let me tell you, I was so proud of you when he got elected. So many people that I know shared the same thought: America's making a really smart decision.

Of course nobody's perfect but from an outsiders perspective it looks as though you have a well-educated, thoughtful, and compassionate leader who genuinely seems interested in making your country a better place to live.

What is confusing though is that you have problems with your leader trying to * reach out to your children, to inspire them to work hard and be better people and reach their full potential.

Why is that bad, America?

I wish our Prime Minister did stuff like that.

You're such a proud country and while you've done some stuff I don't agree with personally, I have huge respect for your accomplishments, for some of the people that have risen to the top by because of you, and will even forgive you for trying to invade us that one time.

I really like you, America. Please don't give me reason to stop.

Much love,

*Props to the Busblog for bringing this to my attention.

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