September 2009

Oh Ratigan!

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I had a really rough day today.

I wasn't getting the right information at the office and wound up over-complicating and having to re-do a spreadsheet over several times which was frustrating to say the very least; I'm not terrific with numbers to begin with.

I was really excited to get to class because tonight is Psych and I'm really good at Psych, but my teacher gave us an exercise that had the facts wrong and confused us all because he had no idea what he was trying to explain.

We all got confused, he was confused, I was annoyed because now my mental list of who discovered, identified and studied what is all backwards.

Today wasn't a good day.

But I'm feeling a bit better now, it doesn't take much.

I found this pictureand Beauty and The Beast is my favorite Disney movie

and this video is one of my favorite Disney songs and makes my heart go pitter-pat every time I hear it and I'm reminded of sitting in my sun-filled living room watching it on vhs being happy and four years old.

Which has started me on a spree of listening to oldschool Disney songs. Here are some of my favorites:

Aladdin- A Whole New World

The Lion King- Hakuna Matata

The Little Mermaid- Poor Unfortunate Souls (Ursula is the shit)

The Great Mouse Detective- The World's Greatest Criminal Mind

... because who doesn't love Vincent Price singing as a giant rat?

There are lots of others but my chicken strips are ready and I have a date with the couch and some HBO.

What are your favorite Disney songs?


Jack Nicholson

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Oh Jack Nicholson

I wish I had been old enough to appreciate when you looked like this:
instead of more scary, like this:
but somehow I hear you still get all the ladies:
What's up with that?


She misplaced her virginity back in 1995

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Saturday involved a lot of running around on my part and spending money on groceries and having lunch with my parents and wrapping gifts and getting ready all in prep for Kats birthday party/pre-party for Alt13 at Monty's.
It was a hectic day but I managed to squeeze in time to make some home-made sangria to bring with me.
Oh man, it was a hit let me tell you.
Apparently I can make some mean alcoholic drinks infused with lemons and oranges and raspberries and um I think there was white rum in there as well as the wine.
Yeah, I walked the 15 minute walk in my high heels carrying the jug just like that.
I'm hardcore, don't forget it.
Our birthday girl!
Tyrone ordered her a Shambala hat which I am insanely jealous of; they're wickedly warm and comfy and I could use one in the -40 temps that are only a few months away.
Hi Phoebe.
Those drinks... so good...
And then we were off to Monty's to hear Komus play and for Ty and Morely to to the lightshow/visuals and for some reason Woog dragged me into the mens' room to take this photo of a sign and I never did figure out what the joke was.
Jesus High-Fives!
Waiting for Lee to finish so he could go on... such a damned good set. Have you checked out Komus' stuff yet? You should.
This picture is only seeing the light of day due to the intense drunk-hug happening behind me.
Good evenings were had by all.

Class got canceled tonight which worked well because the new episode of House aired tonight and I needed to do some stuff like waterproof my boots, put together mildly inappropriate getups for work, have salmon and couscous and salad for dinner and what am I forgetting...

Oh yeah! VOTE FOR SASS!!

Did you cast your vote yet?


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So no school tonight and I promise there's a blog update in it for you and some photos and other goodies, but first I need to ask you...

Yr fav media darling from TO is in the runnings for MuchMusic VJ so go help her out and cast your votes!

You can re-vote as many times as your little fingers can click "refresh", so go and vote 5 stars in each category, and while you're at it, swing by her blog, Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace if you still use it and get to know the new face of MuchMusic.

You know she's going to wildly more entertaining than any of those other nominees, and, really, don't you want to see Leah Scott get phased out by someone that doesn't make you want to punch babies?

So, again, make sure to cast as many votes as you can here so MuchMusic can be something worth watching again.

Nobody gonna take my car

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Today was a sort of garbage day.

Work was a challenge, I've had a persistent headache and I was misinformed by my contact lens provider so I didn't get new contacts and my eyes ache as a result and I have to wear this pair till next Saturday unless I can find a different place to get them from tomorrow.

I was very frustrated and I can't say that I exactly handles it with grace the entire time and I was sorry Alyx was there to see me be harsh to the lady at the optical place.

But we took the bus home with a hippie with a foot in a cast.

Picked up juice and ice cream.

And watched Wall-E.

I feel like maybe I should be ashamed of shedding a tear over a movie about a robot but if you've seen it you probably understand why; it touches you and sends home a really deep message about how we could wind up if we aren't careful. If Pixar makes a mistake I hope I never see it.

I laughed and cried and gasped and ate ice cream and missed my friend I hadn't seen in a long time.

Life is better.

p-p-p-poker face

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Sucks to be everyone in this poster
they all look like crap.

I keep feeling like I have something I'm supposed to do today
besides school
but can't remember what.

Help me remember, Internet.


They're like Bill Gates and I'm Steve Jobs

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Let's go on a date.


Invite the tabby two doors down

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Threw up four times since yesterday and am finally starting to feel better; I had dreams about being lost in some sort of castle, maybe house, something to do with Disney and a play and dogs that would have eaten me.

Speaking of eating I made bean soup my mom made from scratch and gave to me to freeze when I moved out, there's I think spinach in it and of course beans and barley and it strikes me that I don't even recall eating barley outside of soup.

I downloaded some movies today and here's what they are:

- The Soloist
- Wall-E
- The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
- The Man With the Screaming Brain

I'm also working on finding a good copy of Dead Man because it has Johnny Depp in it and apparently is "just like Fear and Loathing but a western" which is stretching it for me because I generally don't like westerns. But we'll give it a shot.

Shaz and I have been looking for the song from the Canadian House promo for the last little while now with no luck; it's not that "Grounds for Divorce" song because that's the US one and apparently it could be "Leave Me As You Find Me" by Fraiser Smith... but we can't find evidence that it exists anywhere.

Internet, I'm counting on you!

... On that note, if there were a Bat Signal for the Internet, what do you think it would look like?

Oh, Antarctica

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Wikipedia is one one of my favorite sites because you can dick around on it for hours, today for no apparent reason I wound up reading about Antarctic expeditions from the turn of the century, in particular Shackleton and Scott and I listened to this song here by the Weakerthans called Our Retired Explorer.

I wound up reading about Lawrence Oates because of this painting:
It's called "A Very Gallant Gentleman" and I wanted to understand the painting and it turns out that Oates was a member of the failed the Scott expedition called Terra Nova and he got terrible frostbite on his feet and was slowing down the expeditions return.

So one morning after his companions refused to leave him behind, he turned to them in the tent and said "I am just going outside, I may be some time" and he didn't even put on his boots he just walked right out into a blizzard and died.

That makes me want to cry, a little. It's so scary and brave and sad.

Stuff like that affects me a lot, I re-read them and stare at the pictures and think about what that must have been like and basically mindfuck myself for an hour.

Fortunately for me I think I have a touch of stomach flu (yum!) so almost immediately after reading all that stuff I spent the rest of the day focusing on not throwing up and sucking on salt crackers and wishing it were fall already, it's a 30+ degree oven in this joint and I don't have AC.

Holdin' your friends and watching them bleed

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Friday night was just another potluck at the Komusicle in which I discovered vanilla vodka hence the stupid face even though I didn't drink much at all; I think it was a mix of slight vodka plus dumbass glasses that resulted in the Vodka Face comin' out.
I didn't even bother taking photes of all the sweet dishes that were there; sushi and blackened jerk chicken and pasta salad and dips galore were among some of the goodness available.
Cold-shot Alex-Lee found in a linen closet that wasn't cold nor did I drink.
I'm not sure where it went, actually, I left it on a table and hoped someone took it.
Our host in all his glory.
Jamie! she's moving to BC today/tomorrow to study design etc and we all wish her best of luck, Ninjette will surely be missed.
Craig was rockin' not only the shutter shades but also the weird hairdo.
Yo Carole, I'm really happy for you, and I'm-a let you finish, but Morely had one of the best potlucks of ALL TIME.
We made those jokes a lot.
Oooooh Danthrax! It's been a while!
The oblig Donald Creeper Shot.
Yo deck peeps what's up.
Alex-Lee stop trying to be Tiesto already.
Oh and then Komus fell asleep... so we piled shit on him.
It's what we do.
Bet you wish we were your friends.

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