May 2010

I watched all my castles crumble down

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Spent most of last night sipping Chai and checking out my new David LaChapelle art book Heaven to Hell. It used to belong to Gord's (now ex) girlfriend; he gave it to her and she didn't even know who LaChapelle was and it hurt my soul that she didn't appreciate it. Well as a result of the breakup it wound up back in his hands and is now in my (appreciative) possession. His work amazes me, it inspires me, it makes me want to paint and draw and take pictures and make everything into an artistic endeavor. It's a good feeling.

The neighbours had a shouting match that lasted most of the later evening and basically drowned out any music I played at an acceptable volume. So I cranked some Phoenix and enjoyed how much they remind me of Jamiroquai which I really like.

Un chanson pour moi, un chanson pour toi

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Happy Monday, friends.

Posting gets so challenging on weekends with so much to do; even if I'm not really doing anything super exciting and blog-worthy it's still time away from the computer (and out in the sunshine! Yay summer!) and that's excuse enough for me.
Nothing says "Summer Saturday" like double rye & coke's on the patio at Cousin's Diner.
Roommate Supreme came back into town for the first time since we moved in together and filled up the apartment with his ridiculousness and personality and it felt suddenly way more like home. He's gone back up North to work for a bit and I'll miss him while he's away.
We were solicited once but twice by The Toonie Lady! Her name explains it all, and unfortunately I didn't have a toonie to give her. Maybe next time.
Saturday also marked Free Stuff Day which is also exactly what it sounds like -people leave stuff on their lawns for people to come and take. I'd never participated in it until today (Gord took us on a walk) and Ty found a boombox that found a new home at Morley's place.

It's such an odd phenomena, to my knowledge it's just spread around by word-of-mouth (some radio stations mention it) and I don't know if it happens anywhere else?
A meal well-deserved.

Now if you'll excuse me I have magazines to read, tea to drink, french songs to listen to and my trip to Montreal that is two weeks away today. I can't wait!

Much love xo

Morning's coming on

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Yesterday was a total write-off day.

After spending a super busy Saturday out and about (pictures to come eventually) Sunday consisted of sleeping in until 3pm, eating cheese and tomato sandwiches while playing Okami, and not straightening my hair after my shower.

I always partially regret days like that because I feel like I should constantly be accomplishing something or working on a project but sometimes it's just needed, you know?

Tonight it's back to the Gym Grind though, so rest period is over.


It's a terror knowing what this world is about

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It's always nice to go out with friends mid-week and do something super chill; it's a nice push towards the weekend and something that I really forgot was important to do once and a while. In the past few weeks I've had no time to chill let alone breathe so a night like last night was much-needed.
Luckily for us Lo Pub happens to serve super cheap beer. My Stella and Ty's Stir Stick Stout cost less than eight dollars for both.

I definitely kept having to remind myself that I worked in the morning.
Generally I'm iffy on any graffiti of the non-Banksy variety but I can make exceptions for really kickass bathroom stall graffiti like Tiger Face here. The door also said, among many awesome things, that's what she said so that gets major props from me as well.
Lo Pub has a rockin' new vegetarian menu so we indulged in some vegan poutine with the best miso gravy I've ever tasted. The guy in line behind me ordered a mushroom nut burger that I'll have to come back and try sometime for sure.
Intense convos.

I spent all night trying to take a candid shot of them but Jabez kept moving so much I couldn't snag a snap that wasn't blurry without using my flash, so this is the best I could do. As you can see Meg of Po Mo dropped in for a visit as well and we finally met in person. Shout out to you if you're reading, Meg! It was lovely meeting you.
Look ma, no DJ

I'm not sure which of the opening acts this was since there wasn't really anyone behind the stage at all. Does it count as a "set" if you don't actually play anything? Oh well, whatever they had set up to play was decent.
I love this photo, it's so cozy and friendly and basically encapsulates the whole evening.
Your hero.

In fact I had a heroic moment when, while I was up buying beer, the owner came around asking everyone already there to pay cover if they were going to stay and see the show (not sure how I feel about that, btw...) and everyone ponied up their 8$ but yours truly because I was off indulging my vices. Success!
"No: Bud, MGD, Blue, Kokanee, Shitty Beers etc."


When you chill with super-talented people like Komus it's hard not to over-analyze and judge other DJs but I really liked this guy's set. It didn't seem to have a unified theme, which was a really nice break from other DJs who stick to one genre specifically. Very tech-house and sort of dubsteppy at times? Whatever you want to call it, I liked it.

I'll come out and hear this guy play again for sure.


Peaches... and guacamole

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Just got in from Lo Pub after an evening of beers, conversations and sweet musics.

Posts to come about it, obviously.

But for now... gyoza before bed, and Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule.


Rolling like thunder

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Very long day that started too early but hopefully won't end too late, I'm tired and my feet hurt.

Ty and I discovered that the best way to kill time while doing cardio at the gym is to get one of the machines with a TV in it, then watch a show about real estate or renting with no audio and come up with outrageous ideas and theories and opinions about everyone on the show. Hell, it made my 30 mins on the cross-trainer fly by.

Afterward we hit up Sun Wah, my favorite cheap-as-hell Asian grocery store. Check out these sweet scores:
The gyoza are always on sale, 3 bags for 10$. Can't go wrong, right?

All this ish cost under 30$, the gyoza being the most expensive. I also got us a bottle of red iced tea and some BBQ pork buns to have on the way home. Cheeeeeeeeeeeap! The one in Winnpeg is located in Chinatown (duh) on King St by Higgins Ave.

I've noticed that since the new Lucky Asian Market opened up -which I have yet to visit since it's not conveniently near downtown- Sun Wah has been stepping up their game a bit; getting fancier lighting, a new and more crisp layout, and giving away free snacks and candies:
Who says no to red bean candies, right?Well... upon inspection (and a test by Ty) we realized why they were being given away: the wax paper was practically glued onto the candy and impossible to remove.
Oh, good.
What a waste.

Do you know what it feels like, for a girl

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4am sat up looking out the window. Radiator was on so my legs were toasty but my middle was cool because the window was open. I made Ty sleep on the couch because the confusing cold/warm room and his snoring kept waking me up. I felt bad about it and made eye contact with a cat on a nearby rooftop that mewed in a way that it sounded like its tail was being pulled, but it wasn't. Does that mean anything in cat-speak?

Went back to bed, eventually.

Woke up after dreams of Twitter and haunted houses and weddings and more ghosts to a shower and pancakes and a bad mood. It's hard to start your day off tired and even more so to not be a bitch about it. Sorry Ty.

It was sunny and beautiful when I walked into the stairwell. I love the way the sun shines through the old, rectangular panes of glass on the +12ft windows. I think if I weren't to live in a heritage building it would have to be a super-modern condo. Something with spectacularly large windows with either heated glass or windows with panes so old they looked wobbly.

Walked onto the street into a sea of green leaves; spring is here and everything is lush and budding and beautiful. I like the in-between seasons. Spring and fall, when things are changing.

I was busy following a squirrel with my eyes and simultaneously stepped in a puddle and tripped over a curb and fell flat on my face, but I didn't mind.

Funny how sun and the fading smell of rain can make all your grey feelings melt away.

what the fuck’s with everyone else?

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Hey... wanna see something gross?
Guess where THIS shiner is!

If you guess correctly... I'll totally send you a postcard.

Dinner with my aunt from Toronto earlier this evening, gym and chillin' tomorrow (good, 'cause I need some rest).

Thursday Ty and I are heading to The Lo Pub to check out Shuttle.

I'm excited.

Buy me a shiny new machine that runs on lies and gasoline

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For those of you that don't know, Japan is one of my absolute dream vacation destinations. I'm blown away by how unique and different their culture is from mine and all the over-the-top and unique things you can find there.

One of which I've been looking into (and getting excited about seeing someday) is the Ghibli Museum.

Most people know what Studio Ghibli is, but just in case you don't know they're the masterminds behind some of the best animated movies ever: Kiki's Delivery Service, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and many others ( Howl's Moving Castle is my all-time favorite).

Somehow it's managed to escape me that there's actually a museum dedicated to the Ghibli world, but it looks absolutely amazing:
Even the description of the place on the website is incredibly charming, I'd kill to go here.


I'll drink it by myself

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Not gonna lie guys, today is stressing me out a little bit.

It's always a dark day when money issues are the source of your stress; most of the time we can't really make more than we do, so it all boils down to having a tight budget and laying low.

Last night, however, was wonderful. I had the first real stretch of alone-time in weeks and decided to take some photos of the things that made me smile yesterday and (wouldn't you know it?) are making me smile now.

Sort of like I subconsciously knew what was coming, eh?
My bed. In all it's glory, with soft pillows and blankets. I had such a good sleep last night.
Breaking Bad. My new fav tv show, it's so good! Bryan Cranson is a total badass.
These obnoxious orange fake flowers I bought from Dollarama to brighten up my room.
This picture of one of my brothers and I when we were little.
Mmmmmm delicious late-night snacks. I've had grapes and cheese on the brain lately.

Wow what would you know, I actually feel a bit better.

Things can only go up from here, right?

Goooooo Tuesday.


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