May 2010

My time's never existed

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T-minus four hours and I'll be on my way to Montreal, guys and girls.

My first trip in two years, my first visit to Montreal and Quebec, and partying with my friends like hell at Mutek..

Can't wait!

See you in a week and a half, loves! xo


Going till we say stop

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I've been working through my lunches all week and you know what? Fuck it. If I'm only going to be allowed 1hr of my workday to be on Teh Internetz then I'm going to damn well use it.

I uploaded this picture to my flickr a few weeks ago and meant to blog about it at the time but other stuff came up instead; the reason I have a stupid grin on my face is because after exhaustedly walking around The Exchange and part of downtown looking for a milkshake and not finding a single place that was open to sell me one (or sold them in general) Ty went to the store, bought mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite) and made me a milkshake from scratch.

I was so happy and thankful. It was amazing. And now after typing that, in the midst of this shitstorm at work that is stressing me out to no end, I feel quite a bit better. Being thankful for having someone in my life who will go out of their way to fullfill even my stupidest whims is what I should be thinking about, not this stupid drama.

Now I find myself smiling again. I'm glad I didn't post about this until now.

Happy Friday, dears. xo


This will all make perfect sense someday

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Rough bloody week.

Long week.

Even though it was a short week?

All I can say is thank goodness for small miracles because otherwise I think I could have handled the garbage going on right now.

Now I have a nice little mantra that gets me through the day and right now that has to be enough.

On top of it I've been exceedingly exhausted and have had a constant headache. I'm considering not going in to work tomorrow because I feel so worn-out and terrible but it's the last day before my vacation so I'm going to power through it as much as possible because I have shit I need to do.

My work day will consist of tuning everything out and burying myself in my work as much as possible until the day is over.

Then I see sleeping in, BBQs, hi-def movies and Portal in my near future and I like it.

As of Monday it's two solid weeks of No Stupid Bullshit combined with Eastern Canada Adventure Time.

I can't wait.

A little bit more harmful

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One of my favorite shows is Mad Men.

Not just because I love to look at Jon Hamm's sculpted face , or am endlessly entertained by the ridiculous amounts of drinking, adultery, sexism and racism rampant on the show. Also because I have a weird fascination with old-fashioned ads.
I mean, come on, look at all that copy.

I have a few vintage Playboy's from the early 60's and 70's and pretty much all the ads are like this; smaller pictures, usually black-and-white, and full of text. A whole monologue about shaving cream or Kotex Sanitary Belts (ew).

Honestly though, I prefer ads like these. They seem classier, somehow more mature?

Oh, and the lack of shitty photoshopping doesn't hurt, either.

Tryin' hard as babe could try

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Is it possible to listen to David Bowie's song from Labyrinth without immediately recalling those ridiculous crazy crotch-enhancing pants?

I think not.


J'oublie mon chagrin

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Busy, busy. Bedtime soon.

Ever have a weekend where you don't do much, but it still exhausts you? Friday was a write-off and sleep was caught up on, Saturday saw an amazing day of exploring and discovering new stores and places and food followed by great times with friends, Sunday offered sleeping in obscenely late followed by a workout so extreme my abs still hurt today and then the Lost finale with Will.

One could say I'm lost without Lost? Har har har.

Monday was a write-off. I have a huge art project on-the-go and the day was spent working on that while Ty played Portal; it's good background music for creativity, it seems.

We leave for Montreal next Monday and I need to lay super low until then; low-key evenings followed by a laid-back weekend and then two weeks of adventure and excitement.

Six more sleeps.

This part was for her, does she remember?

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This is how I feel today. Quiet but not. Maybe a bit sad? I'm not sure.

I blame the weather. It's grey and raining and a bit chilly and maybe if I wasn't sitting in my underwear with the balcony door open I could solve that problem but I love the smell of the wet air, the evaporating rain.

Leftover pizza is in my tummy, hair is in a bun, time to start painting.

It's the only thing worth doing on rainy days like this.

Why would you lie 'bout anything at all?

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Today I was a hipster.


scratch your legs in the park

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Wore this dress today and it was a great success; I've been looking for a cute sassy dress in one of the obnoxious flower patterns that are hot right now for a while and stumbled across this gem the other day. A few seconds before I had an awkward run-in with Ty's ex and proceeded to be very nice while she was very rude, so I figure this dress is the universe's way of rewarding me for being the bigger person.

I like this picture of it more, but it doesn't really focus so much on the dress as it does cleav and me looking sort of sassy.

I need to learn to pose for pictures properly, more like Danielle of 356 Outfits A Year, she's awesome (and so stylish!).

Had the Parental Units over for dinner and it was a great success; they brought me my luggage for my impending Montreal trip and an air conditioner, and I in return made them delicious sole fillets and home-made mashed potatoes with asparagus.

Now my tummy is full and my apartment is cool, so I can eat ice cream and watch Lost comfortably in my underwear just the way I like to.

Every time I wonder why

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It's all about the little things. Home-made honey dijon chicken leftovers, cups of coffee in the morning, reading novels on the grass in the sunlight on your lunch hour in a park, grabbing a snack with a friend in the afternoon. Stuff like that.
Had trouble sleeping and woke up at 6:30am to a bird chirping super loudly outside my window over and over. All I could do was lie there and remember my high school science teacher telling us you know when you hear birds singing those pretty songs? They're actually saying FUCK OFF to all the other birds around.


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