July 2010

It opened up my eyes, I saw the sign

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This post is a bit week overdue but last Friday Ty and I checked out the Gr8 Bit Show hosted by Ty's buddy Skot Deeming aka MrGhosty.

If you know anything about me (and you should if you are a regular stalker of there here blog) you'll know that I have big hearts for 8-bit games so an interactive visual arts show based around it was extra-appealing.

Skot's site is here, flickr set is here, check 'em out and see some of Skot's awesome work!

I'm totally exhausted for some reason today; it was a weird morning. I slept in super late but still managed to run on schedule then lost my phone for 20 minutes and was late, then grabbed some Timmies fro breakfast and was extra-late and the three coffees I've pounded back don't make me want a nap any less.

Ty, Owen and I are leaving for Connect at 2pm and I swear I'm beyond excited I just have no energy right now.

Luckily all I have to do is head home at lunch, shower and be there when Ty arrives with armsfuls of beer to put in the cooler and jump in Owen's car when he gets there.

We'll rock out to BNL, Heart, Ace of Base, Beck and the "50 Greatest Rock Hits" album that I am stashing onto my iPod for secret awesome tuneage.

I don't have to drive so I can relax with my UK Cosmo (it's still better than the US one, right?) and veg out. We're driving with Owen so there'll be lots of Tim Horton's stops along the way, which I can so get behind.

This post is totally all over the place.

I just sneezed down into my circle scarf and got sneeze all over my glasses.



Like, now I shop every day on Rodeo Drive

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My ability to get nothing but head colds in the middle of a super-humid super-hot summer is uncanny; yesterday I left the office because I had a pounding migraine as a result of sinus pressure and it was no better today.

Spent the day doping myself up on Advil and decongestants.

Thought I had problems but I found out one of my fav Tweeters on the 'ol Twitter, 104-yr old Ivy Bean (IvyBean104) died today.

I'll miss her super-cute tweets; she just goes to show that social media truly knows no boundaries.

I hope if I live to be her age that I can be that savvy and cool, RIP Ivy.


All eyes on the outside

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Was feeling "blah" and kind of grouchy this morning so I retreated to Ty's and feel so much better.

Funny how a change of scenery can change yr mood.

Gonna grab a quick bite at The Fyxx before heading back to the 9-5 and polishing off a Friday afternoon before a trip to the gym.

Heading out to AceArt for the GR8 Bits Show.I'm beyond excited for this! Not only is it free, but there's art and video-game based music as well as cookies!

What more can a girl ask for?

Oh, to have it followed by a Saturday of tubing down a river with friends?

Perfect. C'mon weekend.


Everybody wanna come up with I'm at the bar

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I love schnitzel and I always figured I'd get around to going to Kraut King, this really cool little diner located in the middle of a parkade on Garry St, downtown.

Now I can't, because it closed as a result of the drunks that hang around outside.

It's such a shame when hard-working people are driven out as a result of stuff like this; downtown isn't a bad area per-se, we just have an ongoing problem in this city that nobody can seem to fix.

I makes me bloody sad.

RIP Kraut King.

Full story by the Winnipeg Free Press here.

I've come to talk with you again

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Today a girl came over who was extremely irritating and gave me a holier-than-thou attitude because my roommate was making her dinner, so I hid in my room until they went away because he can't ever bring normal, nice girls around. Nope.

I think she was trying to cockblock me.

Can you be cockblocked against something you have no interest in?

Some words for female cockblocking are:

Muff Block
Twat Swat (my personal favourite)

I'm always sleeping with your ghost

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Apparently there's an American remake being done of the creepy 2008 Swedish film Let the Right One In called "Let Me In".

Why, Hollywood?

Can't you wait more than two years to rip off someone else's idea?

Are people really too lazy to bother reading subtitles?

Or do they figure they can capitalize on Twilight-mania by tossing out another vampire movie in English?

I don't get it.

Whatever, once I see Inception I won't be going to the movies until Machete comes out anyway.

It generates abstractions

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I've been watching Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" series recently.

Even though it's a bit dated it still fascinating stuff; sometimes I forget how tiny and insignificant our planet really is in the big scheme of the universe. It's a bit scary and humbling at the same time.

I'm no good at science, I don't have a mind for calculations and math so the intricate stuff is lost on me but he explains everything so simply and elegantly that it makes perfect sense.

What I enjoy most about watching it isn't just the knowledge I get from it, but how fun it is to watch Carl Sagan narrate and present it all; I've never seen anyone get excited about something the way that he did about space exploration.

Every picture and video he looks so full of life and vibrant. His optimisim and total awe at what he was discussing is what makes the program worth watching; he really believed in the good of humankind and in what we can accomplish as a species.

I want to love the things in my life the way Carl Sagan loved the universe.

Got this diamond that don't know how to shine

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Did you know that even though I am a huge Apple fangirl, all I have in the way of products is an iPod?

Well, no more! Meet my new iPad.

I am calling her "Gretchel" after a ridiculous story that happened last night that I will tell you all about another time; I am way too busy spending time with my newest member of the family. She's so smooth and pretty.

My hat honestly goes off to Steve Jobs on this one, this is a fabulous little device and I can't wait to get to know her better.

After the war

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Yesterday I told my boss I will be a full-time student in the fall.

It felt good.

It was a relief and to celebrate after dinner with my favorite Grandma I spent the evening chilling hard with Gordon and being ridiculous.

I drank three rye & cokes too fast at Billabong and got a sweet buzz.

We got a super-delish pizza from Lil' Pizza Heaven that I almost ate on the way home.

Gord burnt his lips by too much cock sauce on the pizza.

We watched the final episode of Breaking Bad season 3 and I totally saw it coming but was still blown away.

We tried to watch Run Ronnie Run which isn't the same at all as Run Lola Run but has Bob Odenkirk in it who I love so that was fine. However the movie was awful.

We stayed up too late and after rolling out of bed this morning I ate a greasy sandwich for breakfast and later today I am going to buy some retro hipster garbage and have gyoza for dinner.

Tomorrow I am going swimming at a dam in Pinawa which is apparently gorgeous. I'm stoked.

Let's do this, weekend.

The missing stone in the graveyard

- by admin

Komus and I making stupid faces, as usual.

Today I balanced an entire fiscal year spreadsheet to two different databases and paid my largest and most time-consuming invoice; I am mentally checking out for the day.

Until ten minutes or so ago I found myself feeling pretty down I guess it's because I have been trying to get Ty to the Apple store so I can finally make my big Apple Decision: Macbook, or iPad? Sure I could go by myself but Ty's a big Apple fanboy and I know he'd like to be there; our schedules just keep getting in the way and I kind of want to get it done, already. Oh well, soon!

To cheer myself up I am am planning an impromptu adventure somewhere; I have the feeling that something new (a book? A dress?!) and a crêpe are in my future. Maybe a walk in the rain under my bubble umbrella? Who knows!

My iPod is fully charged and I've been jamming out to the Beck album Modern Guilt all day; have you heard it? Gamma Ray is particularly catchy, but essentially the whole thing is golden. Anything produced by Danger Mouse is generally heating up my playlist, it seems. It'll be the perfect accompanyment to my solo adventure tonight.


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