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Sunday Zoo Date

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Sometimes, on one of the few nice days that yr city has had in a while, you have to go out on a date to Assiniboine Park and hit up the zoo.

Mostly because it's a charming & cute thing to do, but mostly because prices are going up by almost $10 next week and I like to save a dime where I can.


I hadn't been to the zoo in a few years and didn't remember there being anything this neat, so we hung around and oggled the emus and kangaroos while secretly sipping white wine.


We also have a toucan house which has an ocelot in it and if you whisper sweet nothings to it through the glass while it's cleaning itself it'll get a boner which will make families freak out because kids can't know that animals have penises, or something

and you high-five the ocelot later because that was rad.


We also have a bunch of teeny monkeys and also birds with rad hairdos, pictured below:

131I also spent a good part of the afternoon kinda stalking this couple who was wandering around.

They were too cute and he kept putting her on his shoulders so she could see, or pointing out stuff that she was missing because she kept tryna hold his hand or kiss him instead and he was all

look at these animals, you lovestruck fool

(or at least I think that's what he was saying)

So it was a big surprise when the super-cute couple came up and asked to take our photo because they thought we were super cute.


Which basically means that we won at the zoo that day.


Our last stop was the Discovery Centre which did this promotion when it was being built where you could come and have yr hand/foot on a tile on the wall.

My mum says that my baby self was being really difficult that day so instead of my hands they put my feet on the tile

but I like to think that I was just trying to stand out.


After we finished oogling my cute baby footprint and also staring at spiders and toads we went for ice cream at Sargeant Sundae which is kind of a prerequisite to visiting Ass Park during the summertime.

I had a hot fudge sundae and John has an old man-style dipped cone.

Afterward we lay around on the grass and read to each other and generally grossed out everyone around us with our antics and dumb giggling

which is pretty par for the course.



It's Wednesday, I'm in love

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sitting at my desk taking a break from doing the boringest thing ever which is entering AP invoices into SAP and I can't believe I get paid what I get paid to do this. it should either be way more or way less depending on how you look at it but I'll take the money and run, thank you.

but it's lunchtime right now and I'm eating this crazy three-cheese pasta and half a porkchop stuffed with pear and goat cheese which is leftover from the weekend which leads me to the title of this post

because nobody is actually in love with wednesday, ever.

saturday Tyrone made me this crazy dinner which consisted of the stuff I just mentioned and we hung a sheet up over the flatscreen on the living room wall and hooked up the projector instead.

we put blankets on the floor and set it up all picnic-like.

I put out tons of candles all around the living room so there was sexy time mood lighting.

we picked the movie Solaris which isn't really a date-time movie but we have to be different somehow, I guess.

we ate our dinner, set up pillows and blankets on the floor and lay down together to watch the movie

and fell asleep before the movie even ended.

which some would consider to be a colossal loss, but not me.

because we still made a nice dinner together and still put a ton of effort into having a nice at-home date on a saturday night, which is more than a lot of almost-three-years-together couples do. even if they fall asleep together because omg it'd been a long week for both of us.

and now I have leftovers to make my wednesday better.



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