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it's been a long week, so here ya go

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enjoy this gem from January of last year that I randomly stumbled across

featuring some dashingly awesome peeps doing a (debatably) awesome cover of a definitely awesome song.

how time flies.


sorry I've been so whiny lately

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looking back august was a pretty tough month. lots of personal ish went down and things got messy and I was stressed about student loans and classes and the usual student garbage on top of it. the only good thing about it was Connect and even that was a bit touch & go.

so surprise surprise we decided to kick august out with a bang and ring in a newer, cooler, more awesome month and did so first by joining @cenquist and @abstractartform for drinks at the forks.

before I go on I have to give credit where credit's due, and colin always introduces us to the coolest people. boy is a master networker if I ever met one.


yr girl had a bunch of g&t's and maybe got into a too-heated debate with shea about tribbing (NSFW NSFW NSFW) which I'm sure the rest of the patio LOVED to hear.

one of my favourite things to do is sit and drink and people-watch and we did just that all to a backdrop of classical music coming from the barge on the river yonder.

eventually that scene got old and shae was all

let me take u guys to the best karaoke in the city. it's at saffron's and it's going to blow yr mind

and not gonna lie I was like


but we went and I was wrong. so, so wrong.

within minutes of arriving a dude got up and sang phantom of the opera which is a wicked to begin with but made 10x better because he'd sing christine's part in a high falsetto, and phantom's part all deep with one hand covering his face (like the phantom's mask, silly)

dude changed my life for reals.

I've never seen karaoke of this calibre before and there was such a unique cast of characters there like

'A Superman' with the jaw of steel

and the super buff asian dude with the metal glasses and deep-assed voice

and the gay latino with the thin moustache who kept bringing girls up to sing duets from Rent

and oh hai jbroadway who serenaded us all with a serious rendition of my fav song from the killers

and my favourite the guy whose table we crashed who looked like the guy from 1972 solaris and sat there sipping his beer cool as a cucumber and then got up and killed it singing the beatles.

wow wow wow.

we closed down the bar and didn't roll into our casa until 4am after partying more with the boys and Dog Marley (best dog name ever) and even more debates about tribbing omg and the single shared beer and freestyling (though not by me).

totally the recharge yr girl needed to welcome september and a perfect reminder that

I have the best life.

power up!


My good friend Johnny Broadway made a new video

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which is probably the sweetest thing you'll ever hear

and features some faces you might recognize ;)

(filmed, edited and produced by the super-talented Rachel Hosein)


Dancing in The Dark(ish)

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just a lil somethin' somethin' to get you through till this afternoon.

found this randomly while clearing out one of the many memory cards lying around the office and figured our good friend Johnny Broadway might appreciate seeing some of his uhhhh 'quasi-cover material' out here on the interwebz

but I've got a class to teach, so listen & enjoy and I'll see you kids later

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