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Last night: a recap

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Gord and Karley threw a wicked shaker and I stayed up way too late which has resulted in a do-nothing Sunday which I really, really needed.

We did a bunch of tequila shots and it wasn't Jose Cuervo tequila which means that I didn't immediately throw up after doing it. Gord did, though, and that made me feel good about myself.

For a long time there was a Songza playlist on which was playing Rhianna and Britney Spears and nobody noticed until I brought it up and then we listened to gangster rap.

Kat and I made these wontons with shrimp and cream cheese and other good stuff in them and they were amazing and I ate too many of them and actually had to leave the kitchen so I would stop shoving them in my gullet.

I tried to learn to play cribbage and failed horribly.

Gord showed me how to make a tart except there were no eggs for the dough and we almost forgot about it in the oven and I don't actually know what happened to it after that. Did someone eat it?

Karley informed me that the sign of a functioning nuclear family unit is half-completed butterfly puzzles on the table and I almost peed myself laughing.


While on a walk to get smokes for Karley I kicked this weird box that had a pipe running to it from a fire hose and nothing happened so we walked across the street and then a weird man yelled WHAT ARE YOU DOING at us from his porch and we ran away.

This photo of Tyrone and I was taken and I fucking love how cute we are.

Realizing that the word 'enjoy' on their wedding invites was spelled 'engoy' and I laughed so hard I had to lie down on the floor for a second.

We also got totally lost on the way back and Gord didn't believe me when I found his street because you can't see the gazebo they have set up on their front lawn from two blocks away.

Ty bought me a chicken tendercrisp sandwich from Burger King and while we were in the drive-thru line some guy in an SUV passed out while waiting for his food so the line didn't move for a long time. I eventually got my sandwich, though.

Which brings us to today.

I was supposed to hang with my mum today and go have lunch in the Exchange District but she cancelled which means I've been lying around in my underpants watching Quentin Tarantino movies which is, it turns out, the only thing I'm capable of doing after last night.

Thanks, Gord and Karley Obama.

I'm so exhausted it's hard to type

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I'm lying in bed resting my poor, sore feet after spending the whole evening cleaning the apartment. When you have hardwood floors everywhere plodding back and forth from room to room dusting, sweeping, mopping and etc takes a toll and combined with the excessive partying between festivals and weddings and etc lately I'm wiped.

It's almost a shame that we're leaving to head to BC in two sleeps for Motion Notion.


I didn't grow up going camping at all and the first time I went "camping" it was just this giant outdoor multi-day mini festival and I didn't even have a tent. I was supposed to share a tent with a girl I knew and that kinda got fucked up.

That was a fucked up weekend, kinda.

But it got me camping, which has led to it being an "every other weekend" event every summer.

Anyway the day after Motion Notion ends Ty and I are going to Radium Hot Springs and we're gonna stay in a hotel with a real bed and a real shower and go for greasy food in town in addition to soaking in the hot springs before driving home.

After four days of camping in tents and only showering when I feel like coughing up $5 (!!!) for a few minutes of soapy goodness it's gonna be unreal.

I'd like to say I'll be blogging about it but who knows. I'm so behind with Folk Fest and Owen and D's wedding and all the other nonsense we've been up to this summer that I can't make any promises right now.

Because I'd never lie to you, because ILU.

Even if I don't keep in touch all that often.

omg it's Symptom Tech's birthday

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it's XVI old which means sixteen, which is the age I was when I went to one of their first parties which is kinda cray to think about.

it was called 20,000 Watts Under the Sea and my dear friend and onetime fake husband on the Internet alex-lee convinced me and my friend Dyan that it'd be a good idea to lie to our parents about where we were going and go to (dum dum dum) a rave.

if you haven't been to a rave don't bother because the crap they call 'raves' today isn't the kind of rave I went to that night and from what my elders from 'the scene' tell me this was on the tail-end of when raves were good, and believe me this one was good. so good that the giant fight I had with my parents when I came home the next day was totally worth it.

I was a changed almost-woman.

since then I've gone to my fair share of 'raves' and have watched the legitimacy of those massive parties slip away into the more sophisticated club shows that you can occasionally see my face out at, and are sometimes thrown by the kids at Symptomtech who, like me, aren't kids anymore.

now we're old and jaded and talk about the 'good old days when parties were still good'.

even though they're still good, sometimes. usually when the people I know are throwing them which is the case here but nevertheless.

that party changed things for me.

as a result of that one experience I met most of the people I'm friends with now, tyrone who I've been dating for nearly three years, a trip to montreal, multiple music festivals in other provinces, and my role in MEME.

all because Symptom Tech threw a party. and alex-lee took me to it.

thanks kids, and happy anniversary!

Dancing in The Dark(ish)

- by admin

just a lil somethin' somethin' to get you through till this afternoon.

found this randomly while clearing out one of the many memory cards lying around the office and figured our good friend Johnny Broadway might appreciate seeing some of his uhhhh 'quasi-cover material' out here on the interwebz

but I've got a class to teach, so listen & enjoy and I'll see you kids later

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