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Boyfriend at the time and I would drive around

- by admin

from his place
to mine
to the movies
to dinner somewhere
to the park
to our minimum-wage jobs


and we'd listen to bands like this

(so emo)

not because we were unhappy

but because we weren't.

Weird listening to it now.

It feels like a lifetime ago.

This is why we date

- by admin


Slept in super late today

- by admin

because I have the day off because I'm still rocking a fierce summer head-cold and my boss was all "your sniffling is gross please stay home for a day" which I did and as a result I cuddled the cats and slept will 11am. That equals over 14hrs of sleep since I dozed off halfway though that episode of Parks and Rec I was watching with Tyrone. Cray!

Even though I'm sick I had to keep my dentist appointment to get my chipped tooth fixed. It happened a few weeks ago while I was eating a taco from Modern Taco. My tooth felt kinda weird and I went to the bathroom and was like "well fuck" and since then it's been bothering me like hell but honestly? I'm busy and it took longer to look after than I'd planned.

I knew it was finally time when I mentioned making the appointment to Tyrone and he said

"I was wondering when you were going to do something about that"

which hurt my feelings a little bit. But whatever.

I go to this amazing dentist who doesn't fuck around. I'd tell you who but I don't want everyone going there and cramping my style, because he's always on time and is the fastest dentist I've ever been to. My chipped tooth was fixed in less than ten minutes and he ran off to see a million more patients that day.

Oh and did I mention that he billed my insurance company 100% of the cost so it was free? Oh yeah.

I made Tyrone come meet me for lunch and then drive me home, which was my plot all along because baby it's hot out and the busses were slow because there's construction everywhere and I'm sick goddammit and didn't want to deal with that nonsense.

Since then I've napped on the couch and watched 1/2 of The Hunger Games.

It's hard being productive when yr sick.

Ten minutes

- by admin

is how long I'm going to write for because frankly I'm in a foul as fuck mood and would rather be sulking at home with a beer instead of waiting to be picked up to go to a family function and then who knows what else all weekend. This weekend has gotten under my skin in every way possible and I need to just chill. da fuq. out.


This week has just been so trying. I feel like I've got my life on hold for some peeps and I'm getting completely jerked around and it's really wearing thin. I don't like second-guessing people and myself and what I've said/done to people and have zero tolerance for it. Nothing makes me flip out like that kind of shit but flipping out doesn't do me any good. It will just work against me. So I have to sit here and wait which also drives me nuts because I'm incredibly impatient. If there's one adult skill I've never acquired it's patience.

Anyway Tyrone is going away tomorrow night to party it up with his coworkers and in addition to getting my hurr did I have BBQ and movie plans with friends but frankly I just wanna stay home n have a soak in the bath n a glass of wine (or three) n watch a movie by myself. Is that so wrong?

The main reason is that we're supposed to be seeing the new Superman and 1. I don't wanna see it without Tyrone because he's MEGA stoked for it, 2. I hear it's only "meh" at best so I'm not really that stoked anymore, and 3. it's much easier to stay at home and relax and honestly guys I need it.

Honestly I shouldn't even be in a shitty mood at all.

I had a great, busy day at work so it went by super fast. Yesterday I got to hang with cool peeps at the a United Way luncheon and my zebra shirt was a hit. Then I biked home and took a huge-ass nap and bought a bunch of thrift-store clothes that look amazing. Tonight once I get over myself I'll get to hang with my fam, who I love, and have BBQ and home-made wine and hang out with my Granddad who is probably the coolest old dude ever.

Oh and did I mention that had free sushi for lunch?

And I got to take the cutest dog ever for a walk?

If I wasn't so busy stewing in my own mental swamp I'd be in the best mood ever!

Okay Shane. Chill the f out.

I downloaded this stupid app a few months ago which is supposed to help you meditate which sounds completely stupid and it kind of is. But honestly having some nice music playing and a hot-sounding chick voice telling me when n how long to breathe really helps. It's helping right now, actually.

Because when I get stressed out I start breathing all crazy like
really fast and my jaw clenches which I can feel right now
and this chick is telling me to let go
calm down
and stop blogging FFS.

Yes we are eating popcorn in bed

- by admin

photo (14)

One of the great things about being an adult is getting to do what you want.

What I want at the end of most nights is to sit around in my underpants with the laptop in bed with my significant other and maybe the cats and usually tea and sometimes a snack.

Tonight for instance we are eating popcorn with sour cream n onion seasoning.

Which is wonderful for me because I was working on university stuff all night and forgot to have dinner and didn't realize till we were halfway through our evening when my tummy was all

wtf put food in me you dummy

and I was like

shit. I'd better get on that.

So here I am writing this drinking tea and eating popcorn with my significant other which is crazy to me because a few years ago I was dating someone who picked a fight with me over this very thing.

I've only ever really seriously cohabited with one person and pretty early on after moving in together I was reading a book having a snack in bed and he flipped out.

I was all

It's not big deal. Just some cheese n crackers and I'm holding the plate.

But he flipped the heck out and we had this big crazy fight and it boggled my mind because who doesn't have a lazy snack in their own bed once and a while?

The reason I thought of that was because as we were both reaching for more popcorn my hand hit Tyrone's and some popcorn got on the bed and instead of flipping out we cleaned it like it was no biggie

which it wasn't.

So now I'm sitting here blogging about it and he's reading and we're about to go turn the lights down

and I'm thinking about how funny it is that people can be so different

and how I really want some cheese n crackers.

Mitch Hurwitz just made my day

- by admin


Hi, Mr. Hurwitz

I want to download/buy the song "Getaway" by Mark Cherry to use it as a ringtone, how can I have it?


We are really working on it, actually! It's tricky because 20th doesn't really have a record label, which a lot of the other studios do, so they don't have a mechanism in place, but all of David's music is so great and I really want to get it out there.

read the rest of his awesome AMA on Reddit here

For Morley

- by admin


Had a dream about Rob Ford last night

- by admin

and my parents and brothers were there and for some reason we were touring his house which of course was in Toronto, even in my dream.

He had this wife who kinda looked like Sandy Hogan which was weird because 1. I've never seen The Hogan Family and 2. I've never seen Rob Ford's wife

(I'm assuming he's married but I dunno, who marries someone like him?)

Anyway we were walking around "his house" getting a tour for some reason

-maybe we won a contest or something-

and it was this super dumpy stucco monstrosity with trash and clothes and cardboard boxes everywhere.

I went into the garage and there was all this hockey stuff

(net, sticks, goalie pads, etc)

and I was all

"Rob Ford you can't even run, wtf do you have this for?"

and he was all

"I used to be an NHL star but I ate too many hams so I had to quit the team

now I'm the mayor of TO instead"

and we left Rob Ford's house and walked through his 'hood

there were people yelling and fights on the street and it was kinda scary

and I remember my dream-self thinking

"poor Rob Ford

If I had to go through life being you, I'd probably smoke crack too"

What's funny is that when I woke up I still felt the same way.


- by admin

tried Modern Taco for the first time

drank beers on a Friday afternoon


listened to the Great Gatsby soundtrack on repeat

danced in spring rain

got my first cheque from Vine

worked out at least once every day

had a wine buzz

bought a badass mink coat for $50

landed a new job

and loved.

Every minute of err'y damn day.

Good things do happen.

got hit on in Value Village the other day

- by admin

dear friend John is having a party tonight which involved wearing pyjamas and playing in blanket forts and eating sleepover food. oh and drinking, of course, because that makes it acceptable for adults to do these kinds of ridiculous things.

which meant on thursday we went to Value Village with Kat & John and scoped out random clothes and also more blankets with which to make the aforementioned amazing fort.

at one point I went over to scope the book section as I usually do. I think all but one of my Margaret Atwood books have come from VV and a lot of other books in my library, too, so I always go over to scope out which books people don't want to read anymore.

so I round the corner walking with the kind of determination that you only get while in a store filled with people slowly walking with huge shopping carts and almost walk smack into this dude


I apologize and step around him and start examining the 'literature' section because obviously that's what I read, right?

and I'm standing there surveying the books and you know that feeling you get when you know someone is looking at you? I'm getting that hardcore so I turn and look at the dude in the aisle with me with an espression I hope is conveying the following sentiment:


one eyebrow cocked and everything and sure enough he's looking at me and looks away and I look away because not it's extra-weird and he goes

you look really nice this evening

and runs out of the aisle.

which made it extra awkward when later on while looking through obnoxious suit combo outfits he came around the corner and we made eye contact and he ducked behind a rack of jeans to avoid me. awesome.

but Tyrone is playing Skyward Sword and we're both tearing up, so I'd better go before the waterworks turn on.

unrelated to my earlier story but this game is so sweet.

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