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Today is the birthday of the best blog in the world

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Once upon a time I was a stupid kid and my friend Kira who used to blog over at the now-defuct 'manicidiosyncratic' showed me this thing called 'blogging'. photo (1)

It wasn't the pussy LiveJournal shit I'd done in high school which was boring paragraphs no pictures and no reason for anyone else to give a shit.

This was a bustling community of interesting people who had long-distance internet friendships and connected through the stuff they published online.

she told me about the best blog out there, the busblog and the dude who wrote it, Tony Pierce

and she said "if you read any blog read the busblog" so I did.

I still do. Every damn day.

Probably because out of all the blogs out there the busblog is the only blog that, I think, still keeps it real.

It's still kinda raw and gritty and though it's not as debauched as it used to it it's still a damn good read every time.

It inspires me to keep writing this pos every once and a while.

Recently I was told that I should start shaping my blog to be more professional and less about my life and my thoughts and that scared me a bit. This slice of the internet is who I am and I had a crisis of confidence of sorts and I said to Tyrone

"what do I do? I have a career now but I don't want to just stop being who I am online" and he said

(no word of a lie)

"what would Tony Pierce do?"

which is why I'm still writing to you in the way that I've (almost) always written to you.

So happy birthday busblog. Thanks for making blogging cool and for keeping it that way.

Biggest hearts to you, Tony. Always.

xox yr girl Shaner

hi wednesday.

- by admin

hi salad I'm tired of eating for lunch every day. hi flatter stomach that I love because I eat salad for lunch every day. hi chicken paresean I'll be eating for dinner later.

hi scary original story of Pinocchio that has ruined the already-creepy children's film for me.

hi bike ride home. hi rain tomorrow. hi shitty bus commute to the office in the rain. hi friday when I can ride my bike again. hi 20km commute on my bike.

hi new lincoln poster that has me super jazzed about the film. hi undetermined movie I'll be watching in bed with tyrone later. hi netflix.

hi amazon notification email. hi new textbooks arriving soon that are 400$ cheaper than if I had bought them at the school bookstore. hi money saved sitting in my bank account waiting to pay my tuition.

hi caricature in germany pissing off christians. hi der spiegel. hi rosetta stone at home that's going to teach me german. hi new languages.

bonjour aux francophones. bonjour étudents à montreal. bonjour ma deuxième langue qui est difficile de parler et écrire mainteant. bonjour accent aigu, accent circonflexe, cédille.

hi bills, you can go away now.

hi new york times article about mcdonalds. hi really evil marketing of fast food at children. hi obese kids I always see at the park not running around and playing.

hi tony pierce who inspired this post.

Tony Pierce is in Canada

- by admin

which you already know.

my favourite busblogger is rocking sweet photo-essays of my home and native land, Oh Candada, and eating lots of Canuck fast food, poutine, partying in Ottawa and Quebec

and while all that's fine and dandy

I won't be impressed until he does a low-budget auto-tuned music video about it


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